Why Outsourcing is Essential for Business Growth

When you first set up in business, you find that a lot of your time is spent juggling multiple roles and demands. Whether it’s handling your admin, doing the accounts or making sales calls, this may not be what you went into business for but they are tasks that have got to be done! However, spending too much time on these activities can have a negative impact on your fee earning work. So how can you grow your business when your time is limited by all the other tasks that you’ve got to do?

Well, the answer is outsourcing.

If you want your business to expand then there comes a time when you have to look at outsourcing those tasks that you either don’t have the skills or time to do. Some businesses may see this as an additional cost that they can’t afford. However, remember that when you do these tasks yourself, you are doing them at your hourly rate. And it’s fair to say that for the majority of tasks you could easily outsource, you will pay a significantly lower rate for someone else to do it! Also, by using a third party contractor, you don’t have to pay staff or overhead costs and can usually hire their services only when you need them.

So whether you hire a virtual assistant to handle your admin, a book keeper to organise the accounts or a telesales company to manage your sales calls, outsourcing these activities will give you more time and energy to focus on those activities that you enjoy doing and which bring in the money.

Remember, if a business owner tries to do everything themselves then they have less opportunity to increase their income and gain new clients. So outsourcing is essential for any business that wants to grow and succeed.

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