Total Customer Turnoffs You Must Avoid

keyboardThere are plenty of things that will immediately turn off a customer when looking at a new company online. If you want your business to be a success, you need to avoid these common mistakes because a bad first impression is like mud, it sticks. As such, here are some of the factors that you need to be thinking about when designing the first impression of your online business.

No Place Like Home

The home page of your company needs to be exciting, immersive and perhaps even a little fun. It has to stand out from the rest of the companies online in ways that customers wouldn’t expect. For instance, you might kick off the sale pitch with a video from you, the owner of the site. You’ll often find this on law sites that want to make new customers feel at ease straight away. It’s all about creating the right type of tone that a customer will gravitate towards. To do that, you may want to think about using a website design agency. They can guarantee that your business is poised to immediately seize the attention of potential customers in the right way. But of course, this is just the start.

Technical Issues

Any technical problems with your business site need to be quickly ironed out in the first couple of days. Ideally, there shouldn’t even be any that need fixing. One of the ways to avoid technical issues from day one is to make sure you are hosting your business site. By hosting the site, you have more freedom over the business as a whole, what type of content you can add and how much space you can use online. It’s one way of guaranteeing that your site isn’t plagued by slow speeds, pages that won’t load and pictures that don’t appear. Although, you also need to make sure the site is properly setup. Otherwise, you can experience all these problems and a lot more.

Bad Blood

If there are any bad reviews of your site online, you need to deal with them quickly and effectively. One of the ways you can do this is by using SEO to create some reviews of your own. By releasing content reviewing your site, you can make sure this is what customers find. That way, you might be able to make sure they steer clear of any negative reviews. Although, this possibility certainly isn’t fool proof. It’s entirely possible that there are too many negative reviews to content with. If that’s the case, work to change public perception. Reply to the negative reviews and see if you can fix the issues of some of the customers.

Issues With Quality

Finally, it is worth mentioning quality. Everything that you do online should be based around the idea of quality and ensure you give customers the best service possible. To do that, you may want to start by thinking about what you’re selling. Are there issues with efficiency in your business model? If there are this is eventually going to get back to your customers, so it needs to be handled quickly and effectively. Do this, and you can dodge the problems that turn off customers.

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