Epic Marketing Strategies You’ve Never Heard Of

marketingThere used to be two things were unavoidable; death and taxes. However, we are sure another one can be added to the list; saturated marketplaces. It doesn’t matter what sector you operate in; you are guaranteed to be facing a lot of competition, which is why how you market important. You want your voice to be heard and your brand to be seen, but that is tricky. For instance, there is no point simply Facebook advertising when everyone else is Facebook advertising. It’s messy, and it won’t work in anyone’s favor. Of course, we are well aware that you may not have come across those many untapped strategies, which is where we come in. We have compiled a list of marketing strategies that you may not have heard of and when used with one another, can help you become an unstoppable force.


These letters stand for Close Range Marketing, which is a relatively new strategy that some (but only a few) companies are starting to use. How it works is kind of sneaky. You use wifi or bluetooth as a way of sending out promotional messages to your customers smartphones or tablets every time they are in proximity to you. These could be offers on certain products or discounts on the services you use.  It’s pretty direct and seems to peak people’s curiosities a bit.


Another three letters than probably mean very little to you. Don’t worry though, we’re going to help explain what is cpa marketing and how to implement it. It stands for Cost Per Acquisition, which is essentially a marketing model whereby the advertiser pays for a specified acquisition. This could be someone clicking on your advert; it could be an impression or when someone submits a form online than you have acquired. It’s one of the most risky but most rewarding strategies currently out there.


This is a great way of building a bond between your company and your customers, and that is because it is built around this idea that your company has a heart, that it cares, and that it wants to use its position to help give back to the world. When you know what your company’s cause is, you will find that a lot of people share it, and that will bring about a bond in which customers are attracted to. There are two great examples of this; Tom’s Shoes (which you have no doubt heard of) and My Gumboots (which works exclusively with the Small Steps Project to deliver a pair of boots to a child living on a dump every time you buy a pair of boots from them). This cause marketing has an endless amount of benefits. It is the marketing strategy that just keeps giving.


This takes some brains, and some real brainstorming, because it relies on telling people just enough to peak their interest but not enough to give the whole thing away. Take Adele; she announced her new album on a TV advert by just saying the word ‘Hello.’ That was it. The same goes for a movie trailer; it teases you with enough to get you to buy a ticket.

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