Remarkable Ways To Use Your Staff As Brand Marketers

BBHHerbalEach year, businesses spend billions of dollars promoting their brands. They do so through a variety of online and offline methods. As you can imagine, a firm’s marketing budget can eat into their cash flow quite a lot. Of course, marketing is a crucial way to ensure a business grows.

You might not think it, but your employees could become your brand ambassadors. Sure, they work for you and carry out their tasks during set hours. But, did you know you could use them as your brand marketers? Here are a few savvy ways that you can make that happen:


Some companies have a relaxed attitude towards the attire their staff wears. But, you’re missing a trick if your staff don’t wear a uniform! The thing about uniforms is they get seen by people even when employees are out of work.

For example, workers could walk to shopping malls on their lunch breaks. Or they could go somewhere other than home when they finish work. A uniform defines a company and makes their branding visible in the public eye. In essence, your staff become walking advertisements without even knowing it!

The beauty of such attire is that you can use uniform rental services. So you won’t have to pay a fortune to have your staff wearing distinctive clothing.


As you can see from the featured image on this blog post, vehicles are another form of marketing you can use. Vinyl graphics and lettering are cheap to have printed and installed on cars.

Many firms have their company vehicles covered in corporate branding and insignia. Some even pay their employees to have them on their personal cars too! Vehicle advertising is nothing new. It’s just a marketing option that some companies seldom think about.

Positive working environments

If your staff love working for you, they will tell their friends and family that fact. By just being a nice company to work for, you’re passively promoting your brand. If people think you run an ethical business, they’re also more likely to buy from you.

It doesn’t take much to promote a positive working environment at your business. All you need to do is treat employees fairly and give them the support they need.

Social sharing

We all know that social media is big in today’s digital world. Most people use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. As you’re a great firm to work for, you could encourage social sharing. How does that work? Let me explain.

Let’s say that your corporate blog posts interesting news on social media. And it often shares links to third-party content and even “memes” online. It’s likely that your staff will find such content interesting. Especially if it relates to what they do at work.

You should encourage your staff to promote your social posts by sharing them online. Brands like Red Bull and Nike are some examples where staff often share company content. If a person enjoys their job and is proud of their employer, they’ll be happy to share.

Good luck!

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