7 Ways Twitter Can Help You Grow Your Business

twitterBelieve it or not, the popular social media site Twitter can actually help you build your business!

Whether you’re a startup or have already drawn a profit from the last quarter – expanding your horizons using Twitter (as a secret weapon) can bring you even more business, more profits, and more financial freedom.

Connecting with customers, other marketers, and companies directly… the opportunity for networking is as large as your willingness to get out there and meet new people. Virtually, of course.

(Helping your customers/users live easier lives isn’t so bad, either)

Here are 7 ways twitter makes your business grow.

1. Having Inviting Images Shows You’re Good People

Having visually stunning images shows people that you put forethought and care into your Twitter. That you’re a professional meant to be taken seriously. So what’s priority number one? Making your Twitter as appealing as possible with wallpapers for twitter.

2. Shows People Who You Are

Along with having a visually stunning profile, a short Twitter bio is essential. Tech Critic agrees. If you don’t fill this out, people aren’t going to know what your business is all about.

No bio = no customers = no sale.

You might get by on a few customers here and there who really love your content. But you’d get even more users and followers by letting people know who you are, what you do, and how you can solve their problems.

3. Stay In The Loop

Twitter can keep your followers/people you follow in the loop when it comes to updates. Think local bars who post daily specials on Twitter. Or a business 5 miles away from who you who’s selling just what you were looking for.

With 140 characters, it’s easy to keep people updated (and stay updated on the latest news in your market/niche) on a day to day.

4. Human Connection

These days, more than any other age in marketing, people want to know who they’re dealing with. To have some real human connections; a virtual “face to face.” It’s not just about solving problems anymore (though that’s crucial, too) – if you want your business to grow via Twitter, you have to connect with people.

Show them your flaws. Your weaknesses. Eccentricities, if you’ve got them. Days of old, faceless corporations who live behind brand names and giant logos are a thing of the past. Like dust.

5. Builds a Stronger, Self-Efficient Community

Keeping with the times of human connection, your Twitter community can help each other out whenever somebody has a problem.

Instead of having to deal with your business and customer service (which, let’s be honest, is not something customers/users/people want to do)… your users and followers help each other! How cool is that?

On the up and up, this makes your customer service even speedier than it probably is now.

6. An Untapped Market

Because Twitter lets people share almost anything they want… you’d get serious nuggets of insight into their personality and day-to-day lives.

Does it need to be said? This is virtual gold when it comes time to market products. The more people open up about themselves (who doesn’t love doing that? I could sit around and talk about myself all day -unfortunately, I’d be the only one listening)… the more they reveal about their humanities.

What makes them tick. What do they fall in love with? They’re showing you who they are, making it easier to fit their needs whenever it’s promotion time.

7. Content is King

Yes, it’s cliché. Yes, you hear it every day. Because it’s true! As true as cement hurts when you slip and fall on it.

Here’s the thing – the more content you put out there… the more people will see that you’re a good business/company/human to do business with. If you provide honest value for people, the virtually infinite scale of Twitter shares that value with so many people, you’d be surprised.

Photo by FirmBee via pixabay.com, CC0 1.0

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