6 Benefits of Using Parcel Forwarding Service for Businesses

Photo by Elena Roussakis via flickr.com, CC BY 2.0

Photo by Elena Roussakis via flickr.com, CC BY 2.0

If your business does a lot of international shipping, you know how expensive it becomes to just bring items from around the world to your headquarters. Wouldn’t it be nice to cut some of these exorbitant costs, passing the savings onto your company and customers? Parcel forwarding services take the guess work away from expensive international shipping.

Does your business need product from around the world? Do you receive multiple international packages a week, and sometimes have to compromise on cost or quality because they do not ship to your country? If you answered yes, you could benefit from a parcel forwarding service! Getting a parcel forwarding service based in the UK is an excellent option due to its central geographical location and reliable security. Most businesses ship there in a timely fashion and without trouble. Here are 6 benefits you’ll enjoy once you get a parcel forwarding service in the UK!

  1. Receive a UK Mailing Address!

The first benefit is that you will receive a UK mailing address from which you can begin forwarding anywhere in the world. Usually, your parcel forwarding service will offer mailing services which collect your bills and credit statements, as well as any other piece of regular mail, to be forwarded to your company at reduced cost.

  1. Build a Business in the UK from Anywhere!

Once you have a mailing address in the UK, you can start operating your business there with benefits and features of your UK parcel forwarding. Some will even allow you to set up a virtual office which forwards calls to you, takes voicemail and collects real mail. That’s right; you can have a UK business, even a virtual office, without having to set foot in the United Kingdom.

  1. Buy From Anywhere, Ship to Anywhere!

With a UK parcel forwarding service, now you can buy product from anywhere and have it sent to your UK address. From there, your parcel forwarding service will send your packages back to you or to your customers. The consolidation of your packages at this address makes them even less expensive to send to you, so you can save over 50% on shipping costs!

  1. Choose your Package Carrier

You will be able to choose your carrier from trusted specialists in the industry, such as FedEx or DPD. You decide when packages are sent, and what degree of service you like. Most parcel services will offer additional insurance, for example, to ensure your package arrives safely.

  1. Enjoy Parcel Repackaging

Sometimes packages will arrive to your UK address from the United Kingdom or elsewhere and the packaging is not up to international shipping standards. The package may be damaged, too large, or not insulated well enough. Parcel forwarding services will repackage your products to the standards you deserve.

  1. Use Online Shoppers to Expedite Your Business

If a business in the UK does not accept foreign shipping addresses for your credit or debit card, parcel forwarding services have you covered with personal shoppers located in the UK. These shoppers can buy from anywhere in the UK, and have those packages sent directly to you. Online shoppers can do all or just some of your online shopping for you if you’re looking to save time.

If shipping costs are a problem for your business, getting a UK mailing address from a parcel forwarding service is the right move for you. You will save money on shipping, and the features like parcel repackaging and online shopping will make your business run more smoothly. Take the stress out of your business’ international shipping needs by hiring a parcel forwarding service to do it for you!

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