5 Companies changing the Face of Delivery

deliveryThe world of delivery has changed dramatically in the last five years and is set to do so even more-so in the next five. There are a number of companies, some you know of and some you don’t, who are taking the lead here and changing delivery in a manner that means it will be hardly recognisable as a process.


Shutl has the capability of delivering in less than 14 minutes. They are committed to allowing the customer to take the reins and direct their own delivery. Customers are able to give or get a package in their local area within an hour and a half. They can also pick a one hour time range for the delivery. Shutl recently put out a survey and more than 90 percent of people wanted to have the option of a timeslot, so they could better plan their day. By making improvements to their service, Shutl is keeping their customer base happy.

On the Dot

More than 90 percent of customers are happy with their online shopping experience. However, this number drops to under 50 percent after customers have the chance to evaluate their delivery choices. Sometimes the delivery date does not work for them. Sometimes they cannot choose an exact time for the delivery. Whatever the issue, delivery problems often make the shopping experience just a little more painful.

This is a problem facing all businesses. Large companies are working to become distinctive with their delivery options. Smaller, innovative companies are taking control and getting creative. We can show you how delivery is going to grow and change going forward.


Nimber believes in using existing capacity. It is a delivery service that pairs up people in the community; they connect those that want to send something with those that are headed in that direction already. It is a great way to deliver items, and the idea was started in Norway. Nimber wants to grow larger and continue to connect with users going forward.


Doddle wants nothing to do with the traditional type of delivery. They allow users the opportunity to pick a delivery time that works for them. They have brick and mortar locations near transportation hubs and businesses. They send out a push notification when your package gets to its destination, and they also have barcode scanning in store to make the service more efficient. With Doddle, you don’t have to worry about getting a sticky note on the door telling you that you have missed a delivery.

Amazon Prime Air

Amazon Prime Air has received a lot of press of late, particularly because they propose using drones to deliver packages. They want to give customers their packages in half an hour or less by utilizing aerial vehicles (without a human pilot). They have a plan to make this happen, although they must work with the FAA’s rules, which is proving a bit difficult at the outset of the project. This is perfect for those times you need something in a hurry, or maybe need something that will spoil quickly in transit. Imagine how useful something like this would be for a restaurant looking to buy king crab freshly or a florist looking to make a delivery of the newest cuts for some important event.

Delivery is changing, there’s no doubt about that. And while these companies may not all succeed for the long run, its clear some of their ideas will. Get ready for faster. Moe convenient delivery very soon.

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