What Every Business Owner Should Know About Billboard Advertising

billboardsBillboards have been used for over a decade as an effective advertising method. Billboards advertise products and services to passing drivers and pedestrians.

Businesses are constantly looking for the best method to advertise and promote their business. The best method a business should use depends on the industry and the products and services the business provides.

The following information will help you determine if billboard advertising is best for your business by discussing the advantages and disadvantages of billboard advertising.


People Will See Your Message

Billboards are normally placed in high traffic areas, such as busy streets or highways. This helps ensure that a lot of people will see your advertising. Additionally, unlike other forms of advertising where people can change the channel or turn the page, billboards are seen whether people like it or not. Finally, many people follow the same route day in and day out. This means that your bill board or hoarding panels will be seen every day by people who travel on the road. Continually seeing the same advertising helps people remember your company name and the products or services you provide.

Customized Placement

One of the greatest advantages to billboards is the ability for the business owner to choose a location that will have the best impact. This is especially beneficial to companies located right off a busy street or highway who want to direct traffic to a specific exit. Billboards can also be placed in areas where other forms of advertising can be difficult. One such example is rural communities. Placing a billboard on a main road can increase your company’s visibility.


Brief Messages Are Best

Marketing Scoop reports that the average person sees a billboard for approximately three seconds. For this reason, your messages must be brief and to the point. Images work better than text when it comes to billboards. This is because most people are driving when they read a billboard. Therefore, all text should be large so it can easily be read while driving.

Long Term Commitment Needed

Long term contracts are often necessary when it comes to billboard signs. This is because it costs time, money and energy to change a billboard advertisement. Most contracts, according to Market Scoop, are for at least three months. This advertising method may not be the best for companies who change the ad campaigns often. Billboards are better suited for brand advertising rather than specials and sales.


One of the main disadvantages of billboard advertising is the potential to distract drivers. Eye catching or attention grabbing billboards can cause automobile accidents. Therefore, when planning a billboard advertisement, choose an ad that gets to your message to the masses without being too distracting.

There are numerous things a company should consider before venturing into the world of billboard advertising. Use the information above to see if this method is right for your business.

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