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5 Reasons Why You Should Blog Forever

Human nature has it that either man goes out to do something on his own, or there has to be something big, strong, mean, nasty, or extremely tempting for him to make that leap over. Motivation isn’t as straightforward as we tend to think it is.

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Human nature has it that either man goes out to do something on his own, or there has to be something big, strong, mean, nasty, or extremely tempting for him to make that leap over. Motivation isn’t as straightforward as we tend to think it is.

Or did you think it was straightforward and just came from inside? You are not the only one mistaken. In his seminal book Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, Daniel H. Pink writes about how shortsighted the entire industry is.

For ages, organizations and companies believed that it is extrinsic awards like money that keep people motivated. Dan’s book quells all of that. He proves that while carrots and sticks worked well earlier, today it’s all about autonomy, mastery, and purpose.

Now, apply Dan’s evidence to blogging. So, money isn’t entirely the reason why you should blog. That takes away the sexiest part of business: the art of making money. Why then should you bother? Why else would you want to ram your head into an LED screen to write at all? It’s hard, isn’t it?

Here are some reasons you need to blog forever.

Blogging is a rainmaker

To be sure, blogging does makes you money. According to HubSpot’s 2104 State of Inbound Marketing Report, marketers are 13 times more like to get a positive ROI when they blog.

HubSpot’s 2012 State of Inbound Marketing report found that a whopping 92% of companies that blog multiple times a day acquire customers. Plus, more than 81% of marketers swear by the efficacy of their blog as a lead generation machine.

We started off with how money wasn’t important, then why this? Well, it’s not that money isn’t important; it’s just that we still need money for all things commercial and paying off the bills.

Blogging is one way to make it happen. “Business blogging” is the flagship of inbound marketing. No matter which way you cut it, publishing regularly makes you an authority, as Demian Farnworth of Copyblogger puts it. When people trust you, they buy from you.

That “buying” again doesn’t always translate into cash. It could be:

  • Blogging leads to requests and invitations for guest contributions, which leads to relationships, which lead to anything.
  • Blogging can take you to publishing your own book.
  • Blogging makes way to speaking assignments. Can you put a price on fame?

You get the drift.

The purpose makes it worth it

Even before money comes into the picture, there’s a purpose for which you are blogging. Even as a business or as an individual, your blog is certainly not making an impact deep enough if all you write about is the trinkets you bought for your cat this weekend.

Lifehacker wants you to lead a better life; TechCrunch wants you to know everything about technology and startups; WPCurve wants you to have no WordPress problems whatsoever.

There’s a purpose automatically behind every kind of publishing – even if you started it off as a purely commercial act.

The call now is to focus more on the purpose than the original intent of “marketing” which now has “purpose” slapped all over it anyway.

It’s about mastery and the school of marketing wizardry

Nothing sizes up a community better than blogging

You could buy your way into people’s lives. Buy advertising space on publishing media sites or plough your wallet into Google AdWords and paid ads on social media, and you have it coming easily.

Flash news: there’s only so much impact you’ll make. You’ll be visible but there won’t be any context.

Today, users need context as a way for them to relate to your business. Blogging goes a long way to make you gush with context. It gives people a reason to connect with you.

What’s the worst that could happen? They’d read, read, and read some more. That way, if they don’t buy your products or services, at least they buy your thoughts.

Business demands more than setting up (or showing up)

Once upon a time, a Fuller Brush man could show up at your door and close a sale in five minutes. Those days are so long gone, aren’t they? Even for online ecommerce stores, the game is not ever with some by simply uploading products and setting up a payment system. Complementary features like mobile POS systems, online and offline credit card processing, security of data, free shipping, etc. are a given.

Your business – whether it’s a small local business, a freelance endeavor, or a multinational retail chain – now needs an “impactful presence.”

The only way to make that impact happen is to communicate. A blog is the best way for you to speak out, have a voice, and make a difference. You can add to these efforts by using other channels such as email marketing, social media, and many others.

Success lies just beyond where you want to let go

We all know the trick to success, don’t we? Just push and keep at it long enough, and you’ll get there! The trouble is that most people give up just before success tries to wade through into your life, as nimble as she can get.

Blogging is relatively easier than sleeping in your car, living under a bridge, or failing 4-6 times trying to run startups. Obviously, the stakes are lower here and there’s nothing for you to lose.

Success, then, shouldn’t be so hard to reach, eh?

So, blogging is a money maker, it helps you build authority and credibility, and rewards you with a lot more. It’s your voice as well as your lead generation vehicle.

Does that keep you going? Do you blog regularly to make it happen for your business?

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