5 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid for New Zealand Businesses

social mediaEveryone is aware of the power of the social media and the impact this is having on online reputation management of New Zealand businesses.

Every business needs to have an online presence and having a social networking strategy in place is essential. Getting professional input from the likes of Mobilize Mail, can help your business with the making the most of social media and websites. But if you are going it alone – there are pitfalls and you need to be aware of strategies that may not be wise or effective.

5 social media faults to avoid

  1. Posting Irrelevant content – avoid posting information, links, articles or content that simply isn’t relevant. There seems to be a trend to “over post” and making comments on subjects and content that is nothing to do with your brand. It is important to stay focused on why you are using social media and keep content about your brand.
  2. Boring Content – Along with waffle and unrelated communication is boring content. You need to put up content that engages the user and links your brand to that content. Always keep your audience in mind.
  3. Spreading yourself too thin – having a small presence on multiple social media sites or a large presence on a select few sites, there are possibly arguments for both sides here but the preference has to be for quality content on a select number of sites. Be results driven and use statistics to monitor traffic rates to your website.
  4. Flooding the Sites – Similar to irrelevant content, is bombarding users with too much content and information. Try a more focused approach with good quality content that is interesting and engaging.
  5. Thinking it is Free – Certainly the social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter, do not charge to join them but time is money and maintaining social media sites can be a huge time commitment and you should factor in this cost of business.

Online reputation management and social networking are now synonymous and Social media isn’t as simple as it might seem. But done right with a good strategy in place will position your business well in this growing phenomenon.

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