Mobilize Mail provides all the multi-user accounts functions you need

For businesses seeking a deep level of multi-user account functions for their email marketing systems Mobilize Mail is happy to state that those features are provided in their system.

Clients of Mobilize Mail can create user accounts that can be controlled right down to the subscriber record level. The image below shows just a sub-section of the level of access control provided.


For example a mailing list can be created by a “super-user” for all accounts to use such as a newsletter mailing list and sub-accounts can be created whereby they can only view, edit or delete only their subscribers or all subscribers in the account.

This is especially useful when a business hires contractors to manage their email marketing subscribers. An account can be created where the contractor can only see certain subscribers and have rights to edit, delete or even view subscribers. One client of Mobilize Mail uses this feature to manage access to their subscriber records whereby contractors can only view and edit records not add or delete or export the subscribers out of the system!

To read more about how Mobilize Mail can provide tailor-made email marketing solutions for your business please check out their website.