Another example of Internet Marketing BS

I have subscribed to a number of internet marketing mailing lists just to see how low they can go with their sales pitches and gorilla marketing tactics. It always amazes me how “successful” internet marketers who earn millions need to keep selling their “secrets” to wealth.

The latest is sending emails where you have been “VERIFIED” to download something really “important” that will help you make loads of money via affiliate marketing or other forms of internet marketing.

Here is the latest email example of what I consider deceptive marketing from which seems to be run by Yvonne Wolo.

In my opinion it states that all you need to do is click the link to download this “incredible” thing. I have been “VERIFIED” personally by Yvonne even though thats not my name “Mark” – thats my fake name – that I have been “CONFIRMED” to receive this gift.


So I clicked the link to see what “incredible” gift I have received.

And landed on this page below. Wait a minute? Why do I have to fill in my email again Yvonne? Didn’t you VERIFY me that I was CONFIRMED already?
This must be a mistake?

So I clicked the same download link in the email… 4 times before I gave up. What was strange is that every time I clicked the download link in the email I was taken to a new page and being of a technical background I could see that I was being redirected to many sites with strange links which I can only guess are Yvonne’s own affiliate links? Could she be earning commission off me?





In my opinion this is what I call deceptive marketing. I believe that Yvonne is sending me to other sites to signup so she can earn a commission off me. The email she sent me seemed to imply to me that I was confirmed to receive something – I was not told in the email that I would be taken to another site and asked to enter in my email details again.

Would I buy anything from Yvonne? Would I recommend her to any of my business associates or friends? Do I trust her ethics?

Now would you want your prospects to have the same questions I have?

The point is that Yvonne might be an ethical and successful business person but now I have those questions in my head she has done permanent damage to her brand and herself with me.

This why you need to avoid any marketing or sales tactics that are not ethical, transparent or allow prospects to ask the kinds of questions I am asking of Yvonne.

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