Mobilize Mail Releases “Transaction Emails” Designed for Businesses that need their System Emails Delivered

transaction_emailsSending system emails such as transactional confirmation emails to buyers, registration confirmation emails to attendees and event alert emails to subscribers are a critical component of any business.

Unfortunately many businesses make the mistake of sending business critical emails via their website server of which very few are setup to correctly deliver critical emails. This often results in recipients not receiving the email – adding further burden and cost to the business customer support channels trying to ascertain if the email was sent or blocked.

Mobilize Mail is please to announce the release of the “Transaction Emails” service which allows clients systems to send critical business emails via professional commercial email servers.

The benefits to using “Transaction Emails” are:

1) All emails are tracked and recorded including when the recipient opened the email and what links within the email were clicked.
2) HTML and text versions supported.
3) Other advanced features such as UTM tags are supported.
4) All emails are sent via Mobilize Mail’s whitelisted mail-servers based in New Zealand and configured to send commercial email.
5) Automated bounce management.


Mobilize Mail’s “Transaction Emails” is the perfect solution for any business requiring a higher delivery success rate and “track and trace” features of their critical business system emails.