The Internet Marketers Con – Making Millions on the Internet

BusinessBlogsAs a business owner I am sure at some stage you will come across a form of marketing that entices you to a spectacular event promising massive rewards, including the ‘secret’ for making loads of money on the Internet.

The event will be presented by ‘mega rich’ and ‘enormously successful’ entrepreneurs who have made millions from this ‘secret’ and (amazingly) prepared to give their ‘secret’ away within a 1-hour event for under $100!

But that’s not all. In the 1-hour event you will learn:

  1. How to end up in the 1st page of Google search results for your product/service!
  2. Build a web site with no technical knowledge in less than 30 minutes and selling a product!
  3. Make money without even having a web site!
  4. Work only 1-2 hours a week (normally counting all that money you made)!
  5. Access to the ‘mega rich’ and ‘enormously successful’ entrepreneurs anytime you want for advice!
  6. Access to an enormous and global network of like-minded entrepreneurs like you and of course they are all getting ‘mega rich’ and ‘enormously successful’.

The event will be pitched by 1000’s of affiliates who have learned the ‘secret’ themselves and have become ‘mega rich’ and ‘enormously successful’ in their own right and have, by the grace of god, found time to contact you about it and want you to learn the ‘secret’ as well (because we all love each other to be rich right?).

After reading the above statements and promises I hope that it all sounds a bit ridiculous to you. Unfortunately for some people it all sounds like a great deal and all believable. If you are one of these people I plead with you to ask the following questions first BEFORE you go to these events.

Question 1

If they are ‘mega rich’ and ‘enormously’ successful using this ‘secret’ then why are they telling anyone? Surely the amount of millions they are making will all be lost when 1000’s are now using the same ideas and strategies?

Could it possibly be that their ‘secret’ is in fact not working anymore for them?

Could it be that they are selling a set of strategies that just don’t work anymore and they make more money selling you and the masses the out-dated ‘secret’?

Question 2

If the presenters are so ‘mega rich’ and ‘enormously successful’ then why aren’t they donating all the events earnings to charity such as Dr Gareth Morgan and his latest event – “Registration is $20.00 per person payable by credit card online. All proceeds go to Arohanui Hospice.”.

Question 3

Not really a question directed at you but more a question you should ask the event promoters before you hand your money over. The question to ask them is “Can you provide in writing a guarantee that the secret will be given in full at the event and that there will be no requirement to attend any other seminar or pay for any other additional mentoring, product or service to learn the full secret.”. Without doubt they will say no.

Question 4

Why do they call it a ‘secret’ when they are advertising the event to millions of potential people? Doesn’t that sound strange?

Simple and logical questions really.

The event promoters may not angle the pitch as a ‘secret’ they may use terms such as:

‘Dramatically increase traffic to your site!’

‘We have spent years learning how to make millions on the Internet and we want to share this with you!’

‘Get 100,000 Twitter followers in less than 7 days without doing anything!’

‘Build a massive Internet business empire earning you millions while you sit on the beach!’

In this deep recession you will see more and more of these types of events promising you untold wealth for little more than the cost of a dinner for two. Don’t be fooled!

Who do you think is making the real money here? The presenters and affiliates or you?

At the very least do a search using the names of the presenters and see what you come up with. Sometimes this can raise warning bells enough to never go near these people.

Have you made millions from these types of events?

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