99.9% of Businesses will fail at using Social Media and Blogging – Here’s Why

Foot Traffic

Most businesses apply the “build it and they will come” mentality for their blog and social media profiles and that leads to failure (or as the social media junkies call it “#epicfail”).

Imagine this scene.

You are on an Island in the middle of the ocean and decide to build a fantastic resort full of fun things to do. The resort costs you a heap of money to build and maintain. Every day you sit by the jetty waiting for the boatloads of people to arrive, but they never come. Ultimately you give up in disgust and swear never to build resorts again.

After our 1-year research project in which we looked at how social networks and blogging can help small businesses, we found that the “build it and they will come” approach was used by nearly all small businesses.

FACT: 80%+ of Twitter accounts are inactive

What to do?

During our research project, we built BusinessBlogsHub.com as a test ground for attracting prospects to our business using a blog. By studying the most popular blog sites in the world we applied features and strategies that work.

Today BusinessBlogsHub.com is a powerhouse of interesting articles that spread throughout the major social networks. Here is an example of how effective the right strategy can be (look at the share counts): 27 Vital Tips for Staying Positive.

What is news though is that any business can benefit from our blog for FREE.

If a business is looking at social media and/or blogging we recommend that you first submit your articles to BusinessBlogsHub.com as a dip-your-toes approach to the complex world of social networks and blogging.

By doing so you will be able to see how all the pieces fit together from the blog which is “Home Base” to using social networks to spread the message and trigger viral activity.

We also provide friendly advice so you learn with us.

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