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The Golden Rule of Effective SEO Link Building

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SEO link building is an essential part of any search engine optimization strategy. If you do it right, your keywords will improve on the search engine result pages, and the organic traffic to your website will increase.

Don’t waste time with black hat strategies – always use white hat only and obey link rules.

So what exactly do you need to do to get more links into search results?

The golden rule of effective SEO link building is to diversify your link building methods. Think of it this way, if you are a boxer that can only throw a left hook, you will most likely lose all of your fights. In the same way, links that are built by using only one method will not be very effective.

There are plenty of SEO link building methods around, and when you combine them, the impact of your link building efforts will visibly improve.

Two link building methods will be discussed in more detail in this article, and you are welcome to use them to diversify your link building.

Tip – get ready to make a list of the link building steps mentioned below and work out which day during the week you can spend two or more hours writing content.

Add Content To Your Website – it’s that simple!

By far, the most successful way to build up links is to add high-value relevant content to your blog. First, make sure your blog and website have been SEO optimized and they’re on a hosting plan for fast page speed. Here are some of the actions you can take immediately to get inspired to write regular blog posts.

  • Start by researching trends in your location – use Google trends
  • Use a keyword search tool. Many are free, and use your google analytics results to work out popular search phrases for your website, product or service. Ideally, you want less competition so choose keywords that attract fewer competitors in organic search results.
  • Ask your community what they what you to share with them. You may be wondering what a community is – it’s your followers on social media, your email marketing list and your clients
  • Commit to publishing one or two articles a week. Ensure you have a social sharing plugin on your blog and share your articles with your followers on social media. Also, send out a regular email update with your latest articles
  • Write articles for other blogs and make sure you have a link back to an article on your site.

Blog commenting

  • This feature on blogs has been abused by spammers over the years, but the software is getting smarter to weed out spam, plus you can quarantine comments and manually release the high-value feedback.
  • Search for Blogs that are relevant to your website, product or service and ensure that they allow you to enter your name and URL when posting a comment.
  • Read the article and post a comment that is useful and informative (you need to give to receive.)
  • Webmasters delete comments that they view as spam, and it is important that you add value with your comment and not try and sell yourself.
  • Post comments on blogs without worrying about the follow or sponsor tag.

In addition to the two methods discussed above you can build new links to your website through the use of bookmarks on social sites, forum profiles and posts, submitting your website URL to link directories and the uploading of videos to popular video sites.

SEO link building is very effective when you combine three or more of the available methods. So start improving your keyword search optimization today by becoming a boxer with more than just a left hook in your arsenal.

Finally, the most effective strategy is to write and share what interests you and your intended audience.

Always focus on connecting with your website visitors and online community, and in time, your website SEO will reign supreme.