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Where In Business Programmers Can Develop Their Careers

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Software developers know the programming languages in demand include Python, Scala, Pearl, Go, Swift and Javascript.

So which areas of business tech are innovating and need programmers with these languages?

According to GitHub, 100 million software developers will be needed by 2025!

The good news for school leavers keen to secure tertiary education in software development is there are currently less than 27 million developers, so there will be plenty of jobs for skilled, experienced programmers for some time to come.

Where Software Development Is In Demand

In this business blog article, we look at where software development is ramping up in business, including:

  • FinTech
  • Blockchain
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Deep Learning
  • Multi-cloud environments
  • Quantum Computing

There is no disputing the opportunities await software developers inspired to develop their careers at the bleeding edge so let’s look at these business tech areas.

#1. Multi-cloud environments

Three years ago, the volume of the market for cloud solutions was more than $200 billion, and that number is small compared with the nearly $800 billion predicted by 2028.

Multi-cloud environments allow you to combine the infrastructure deployed on your premises and several public clouds into a single integrated space. For example, your business may be using private, public and or hybrid clouds. Apps and systems that need high-level security are on private clouds, costing more than public clouds. But for general data storage, plus generic business apps, systems using the public clouds is more cost-effective.

#2. FinTech development

Interest in FinTech products manifested itself in 2014 when banks began to develop their own applications, develop mobile apps, and modernize traditional services. And today, every third client of the bank uses at least one financial application.

Now, developing electronic payment systems, trading automation, and mobile banking are especially popular among FinTech product development. But along with technologies that modernize traditional money, new directions are evolving that are worth paying attention to. For example, crypto solutions development.

#3. Tools based on blockchain

Enthusiasts believe that a distributed ledger can change the world. PR Newswire predicts that the blockchain technology market will reach $30.7 billion in size by 2027, with a compound annual growth rate of 43%. It is very likely that in 2022 this technology, in the form of an innovative contract mechanism, will be used in a wide variety of areas.

#4. Deep Learning

Deep Learning continues to progress at a tremendous rate, and its imminent transition to industrial applications is expected in 2022.

For those who first encountered this concept, let’s explain: Deep Learning is a set of machine learning algorithms that model high-level abstractions. That is, neural networks receive training algorithms and constantly growing amounts of data to improve the efficiency of training processes. The larger the amount of data, the more efficient the process is.

Since Deep Learning of neural networks can create functions without human intervention, experts in the field can save a lot of time working with Big Data by relying on this tech. And programmers in 2022 are expected to develop tools for Deep Learning improvement.

#5. Quantum computing

At the Build 2020 digital event, Microsoft unveiled new free training modules for the Microsoft Learn platform, allowing developers to work with quantum computing using the #Q programming language and the Quantum Development Kit.

In this regard, it became apparent that quantum technologies will form the basis of new cryptographic systems shortly. Today, the development of the first wave of “post-quantum” encryption systems is underway, requiring many qualified specialists.

#6. Ethical artificial intelligence

Over the past decade, machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies have evolved from a “rise of machines” to real-life tools.

Today, machine learning solutions help developers better understand the behavior of ML models, control them, and ensure data confidentiality throughout the entire cycle of working with them. One of the main trends in this segment is forming a responsible and ethical approach to developing algorithms.

#7. Low code and No code development

Rapid app development has always been in high demand, but it will be one of the biggest trends in 2022. In particular, programmers will be expected to develop new, improved LCNC platforms with the broadest functionality.

According to Statista, the low-code development platform market will grow to $65.15 billion by 2027.

Wrapping up

Software development is one area of technology that is growing at a pace where demand is outstripping supply. Programmers can learn the in-demand languages and secure roles to develop their careers anywhere they see fit.  What’s not to like about being part of the tech revolution that disrupts business operations to improve efficiency and ROI?