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Improve App Design To Get More Conversions

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Today users are spoilt for choice with mobile apps – and according to Statista, 25% of downloaded apps are opened just once.  What makes some apps popular?

App design plays a vital role in attracting downloads and retaining users. When you get the design right, your App will get more high-value conversions like online sales.

However, there are a few challenges for businesses investing in an App, including cost, including features, and getting the design right. Developing an App and budgeting for its ongoing costs will run into six figures. The average hourly rate is around $150USD.

UX First

Understanding what to include in your App is likely to give you and your team a few headaches. Too much functionality, and you run the risk of overwhelming users. Not enough features, and users won’t get the UX they’re looking for. Therefore it’s a balancing act as you want to connect your App users to everything without turning them off with too much complexity.

The overriding rule that guides App designers is UX first. The more you learn about your users, the more you’ll tweak your App to improve conversions. Therefore your app budget is not just the initial development but the ongoing enhancements to improve conversions.

Improving Conversions

Improving conversions from your App will take time, and it will be an ongoing process.  What may work today could be redundant tomorrow, so this is where measurement is required.


All app data measuring user activity, including conversions, help gain deeper insight into your customers’ needs and training.

The success of your high-value conversions, including direct contact with your business or making a purchase, will be dependent on getting your app design just right.

Track everything to understand which popular features and content can be removed to streamline steps and navigation.

Use specific user metrics to learn what marketing and promotions will improve conversions.

Simple Navigation

An app that is intuitive and easy to navigate will be used often. We all want to do more in less time, including searching for content and fulfilling purchases.

Your App needs actionable call-to-action features, such as product or information search boxes instead of ‘click here’ type buttons.

Also, your App should have user-friendly menu bars and allow users to go back steps without losing where they are in the process – e.g. items in the cart.

Avoid steps that make buying a product or service longwinded and complex. Users may endure your App once if they really want something, but they probably won’t return. Or they will abandon the action altogether. Your app analytics will let you know if the app navigation is user-friendly and straightforward.

Remember, speed is paramount when designing an App. for conversions. Top mobile application design companies make sure conversions are achievable in fewer steps.

Improve Customization

Users want to personalize their App experience. Work hard on the default view and provide design customization features in the UI (user interface). For example, users like to change colors, fonts, and the positioning of elements.

Use Consistent Branding

Apps that look professional get more conversions. They look more trustworthy, and this causes people to put their trust in the App. Having a consistent mobile app design throughout the entire App will give it a professional look.

This is one of the most critical factors that help increase conversions. This should be a priority and thought about before the development of the mobile App has even started.

Do One Thing Well

Trying to add too many features to your mobile App will result in your App not being used well. If you spread yourself too thin, then the overall quality of your App will be lower and cause users to have a worse user experience.

If you only have a few features and only what users want, they will have a more incredible experience using the App.