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Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining: 5 Key Benefits of Cloud Hosting

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You may have heard of cloud hosting, but you may not be using it yet because you don’t know how it can improve your business.

Many businesses, large and small, are making the switch and they’re not looking back. So what exactly is cloud hosting is?

In simple terms, cloud server hosting uses virtual servers to host websites and data, as compared to a traditional physical server, which is based in one physical location.

It’s not always easy to give up the physical server to learn more about how your company can improve its services and products and keep reading to find five key benefits of using cloud hosting.

1. Cloud Hosting Saves You Money

One great reason to use cloud hosting services is that they can save you money.

With traditional hosting, your company faces large expenses for housing the servers and hardware—for example, the cost to lease or own a safe and secure environment. The building will need to comply with safety regulations to secure insurance, and the costs incurred by the hosting company are passed onto their customers. Then there are the liabilities including insurance payments, building maintenance and the need for staff to conduct actual site visits to server rooms at all times of the day and night.

However, with cloud server hosting, these building costs are not relevant as everything is in the ‘cloud’, so you only pay for what you need. You usually pay per month for your storage needs, so if your needs decrease, you won’t be wasting any money on unnecessary storage.

You can find competitive storage plans for any amount of data, making it easy to budget for your storage needs.

2. Easy to Scale Up

If your company grows and expands over time, that’s a great thing! But it’s not great for traditional server storage, you’ll need to pay for a new database and storage.

But the beauty of the cloud is that, as your business needs increase, you can easily bump up your cloud storage space with just a few clicks online.

3. Quick Set Up

Switching to cloud storage is quick and easy, so it won’t result in any delays to your business. Your IT company can get the job done for you in just a few days or less, or your new cloud host may be able to manage the migration for you.

If you need to switch hosts quickly, make sure you know how long it takes to migrate—this will help you decide. If you’re considering Microsoft Azure, learn more about Azure vs private cloud hosting here.

4. Fast Performance

When it comes to your online performance, speed matters. Cloud computing companies work to make their servers as fast as possible, and if one slows down, your files are automatically transferred to another.

This means little to no downtime, meaning your company can work around the clock without delays.

5. It’s Secure

Even though you can’t ‘see’ the cloud within your office, your files are still as secure as possible. Cloud hosting services have the highest level of security, requiring passwords, firewalls, and controlled access.

Make the Switch to Cloud Hosting Today

With so many reasons to use cloud hosting, the time is right for your business to make the switch. Start researching the various cloud hosting companies and consider cloud consulting, so you find one right for your budget and needs.

Once you’ve made the transition to the cloud, you and your staff will love the security, convenience, and speed it can bring to your business.

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