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Office Remodel: 9 Tips For An Inviting (and Productive) Workspace

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From open floor plans to ping pong tables and gyms in the break room, office trends come and go. There is one thing that will always remain true. The office environment impacts your employee’s performance and wellbeing.

The majority of employees in a recent survey stated they would prefer their company to offer more workplace benefits. You don’t need to jump on office trends with major remodeling costs and time.

A simple office remodel can boost your team’s spirit and efficiency. Read on for simple ways to upgrade your office and workspace with our office renovation ideas.

1. Layout

Design a space that is inviting to enter for your team and potential clients. A more inviting office layout can promote collaboration and team spirit. Open layouts can foster camaraderie across departments and positions within your company.

Your office layout is something that can easily change up as needed. Desks, cubicle walls, and other furniture can be moved to create more flow throughout the office.

Moveable furniture pieces can be a great minor investment. You can rearrange the space as needed. Moveable furniture can also create more collaboration among teams!

2. Connected Tech

Keep your team working together with tech that keeps them connected. Give conference and other common rooms, their names and tablets. Not only will they be easy to identify, but your team can also easily “check out” rooms for meetings or other events.

Instant messaging platforms for inner office use are also an easy way to connect your employees. You can easily reach others with quick questions or greetings. Status updates can help everyone know who is busy, free, or out of the office.

These are all simple and fast ways to promote a better office environment with little start-up cost!

3. Clean and Safe

Especially now, sanitary and clean spaces are more important than ever. Commercial cleaning services can help provide spotless surfaces and peace of mind for your employees. Professional cleaning schedules are an easy way to boost your office space.

You can also create a team effort for cleaning. Encourage your employees to keep their stations neat with incentives or competitions. Providing enough and quality cleaning supplies for the office is also important!

4. Leave Work Stations for Work

Too often, employees are using their desks for extra office supplies. Keeping enough supplies in a dedicated space will ensure that your employees can use their desks for work and not storage. A clear and open work environment fosters more productive work.

It’s also critical to allow personal items to be displayed at the office. Small and personal touches can motivate employees while writing in the office. Photos, art, and other personal touches make office space feel more like home. More comfortable employees mean more quality work and better ideas for growth.

5. Collaboration Spaces

Collaboration spaces need to go beyond conference rooms. For an easy upgrade, utilize smaller spaces throughout the office. Any space that allows people to feel like they can sit and discuss big ideas is a good place to start.

A few chairs in the lobby, or a table and chairs in an alcove can all be perfect for brainstorming. Collaborative workplace design is trendy. It is also proven to be a great way to get teams working together.

6. Bright Colors

A simple coat of paint can pick up the entire office mood. Bright colors and accent walls can create an energizing and fun place to work. It’s important to be aware of the colors you are using.

It is well known that there is a science to color and how it affects our mood and more. Red can cause you to feel more anger, and yellow can create a sense of unease. Popular and soothing colors include blue or green.

7. Lighting

Pay attention to how your workspaces are lit or not. Dark rooms and hallways can decrease energy. Too bright spaces can cause eye strain and focus issues. Improving the lighting in your office is a simple way to uplift the mood and change the pace of your office.

Natural light is the most effective way to boost productivity and moods. If you can’t create more windows, be intentional about leaving them open. Include shades that are easily drawn when the sun starts to lower.

Some other lamps and bulbs can mimic this soft natural light. Create a more inviting office even without the windows.

8. Personal Touches

People want to feel that they are a part of the team at work. Simple reminders of your team and company can foster more loyalty. Your office could be as simple as adding these personal touches throughout the office.

Add art from the team, highlight achievements, or showcase the history of your business. These simple personal touches can be a cost-effective way to boost your office spirit.

9. Ask the Right Questions

Include your team in the decision-making process for an office remodel. Understanding what your employees want from an office can help give you direction. While many asks may seem large at first, there are simple ways to incorporate requests. While you may not be able to offer a full in-office gym, try offering reduced passes to a nearby fitness center.

Asking questions also applies when you are looking for new office space. Make sure to keep in mind employee requests and your vision for what you could offer employees. It’s good to get a feel for the businesses you might be sharing the building with and the overall neighborhood.

Offices near downtown centers can be an easy morale boost. There are plenty of restaurants, events, and activities to keep people busy after work.

Ready for Your Office Remodel?

Simple steps can make a big difference in your office space. Take these ideas and run with your office, remodel.

No matter where you work, its important to create a space where people can work effectively and happily. Create a working environment where you and your team are excited to come to work. Collaborative spaces and tech can bring your team together to improve morale and motivation.

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