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How Much Does Small Business Health Insurance Cost?

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Health insurance is an important benefit to provide employees. However, when you’re the owner of a small business, the management of financials plays a huge factor.

Consider the importance of small business health insurance costs. It’s monumental and can have a real impact on your financial health. You need to weigh up the costs versus benefits to make sure you’ve got the insurance policy that works for you and your staff. You’ll be looking for a policy that can boost your organization’s overall health.

Strong small business health care leads to employee satisfaction and productivity.

Businesses with over 50 or more full-time employees are required by law to offer health care benefits. But what kind of money goes into any and all business health insurance?

Let’s look at the details.

Small Business Health Insurance Cost

In 2020, predictions of a five percent surge from $14,642 to $15,375 have circulated around health care.

This figure is based on employers that adopt cost management strategies. If a business isn’t considering these types of strategies, odds are they’ll pay about six per cent.

For small businesses, there’s a catch.

Typically, small businesses will pay about eight to 18 per cent more than their large business counterparts for the same health insurance plan. This includes premiums and annual cost increases. Compared to the figures above, this estimate comes in at $16,605 to $18,142.50 per employee.

Small-Group Monthly Breakdowns

Individual health insurance is purchased by the person and isn’t provided by an employer. Small group health care is the care that is provided by your employer.

There are cost differences between the two. An easier breakdown to understand small business health insurance costs is monthly rates.

The average per-person premium for small group health insurance was $409 per month. On the individual side, these workers played about $440 for individual plans.

This discrepancy can occur thanks to the larger group spreading the costs to provide coverage for medical care. The larger the group of people, the fewer risks and more money coming in. This is important to consider when taking into account enrolled members.

Influencing Health Insurance

Costs are driven by age, out-of-pocket costs, and shopping for coverage.

To understand your roadmap to health insurance, you have to consider those factors. Each plan has set premiums for the employee group. This involves coverage levels and features.

It’s important to consider that pre-existing medical conditions likely won’t affect premium costs. This is covered under the Affordable Care Act. You may know it as ‘Obamacare’ and it is an important part of the value of business health insurance.

Take this information and make the best decision based on your business offerings.

Understand Business

Small business health insurance cost is an important factor to consider as an employee and business owner.

It drives business and productivity. Without a strong health insurance outline, your employees will not feel rewarded. When you’re dealing with this level of importance, it’s key to have reliable information.

That’s where we come in.

Our blogs cover not only small business health insurance but dozens of other business tips and tricks. Working on your business is paramount in the current economy and you need recommendations on how to stretch your budget further so your company can have the marketing strategy and campaigns it needs to grow the business.

Plus you need to reduce your costs as much as you can. We have articles on insurance, legal, technology, security, accounting, tax, finance and more. You might say we’re pushing the bar for you.  For example how good are your company policies and procedures?

Keep reading for more helpful ways to develop the best business for you and your employees.

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