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How Much Does SEO Cost? A Guide for Businesses

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Did you know that Google provides 91.75% of search results worldwide?

Businesses that aren’t focusing on showing up at the top of the Google search engine are missing out traffic, conversions, and ultimately a nice paycheck at the end of the day.

You might be confused and concerned about the cost of SEO. More and more businesses are asking, “How much does SEO cost?” because they know they need it, but they’re afraid it’s not within their budget.

We are going to help you understand SEO costs and more. Continue reading this article to get the help you need.

The Basics of SEO

Before you get into the cost of things, you need to understand what you’re paying for.

Keep in mind that you want to work with a good, reputable SEO marketing firm. You don’t want to work with companies that are fly by night and those that could actually hurt your rankings more than help.

There are some basic SEO tasks that need to take place, and if the people you’re talking to can’t tell you how SEO is done—you need to move on. SEO is not magic. SEO is easy to understand and shouldn’t be hard to explain.

The basics behind SEO are that you need to let the search engines know what your content is about, and after you let them know what it is about, you need to prove that your resource is the best resource.

Google and other search engines want to provide the best results for their users, and it’s the job of the SEO company to prove your right to be at the top of the search engines.

Good SEO Versus Bad SEO

You might not have known that there are bad SEO companies. We’re not talking about SEO companies that don’t do a good job—which, we are sure they are out there too.

We’re talking about SEO companies that use practices that are directly against what Google and other search engines say is acceptable. These practices are often known as black hat SEO.

Some examples of black hat SEO might be buying links, spamming comments, spamming forum comments, and many more. Keep in mind that these practices might get you short term results, but if Google sees that you’re trying to game the system, you might get thrown into the sandbox. If you go there, your website might not be seen again.

What Should SEO Cost Per Month?

One of the most common pricing methods for paying for SEO does mean paying per month. When you pay per month, you’ll usually get to pick from SEO service packages.

Basically, the more work you want to be done, the more money it is going to cost per month. This makes sense for other businesses, but if you don’t understand SEO, it might be a little confusing.

With the SEO industry, you might only pay as little as $500 per month, or you might pay over $5,000 per month. It really depends on the size of your business, the amount of work that needs doing, and how quickly you want to achieve your results.

Budgeting for SEO

After you’ve learned search engine optimization pricing, you might be a little concerned about whether you can budget for it or not. Adding something else to the mix might seem like a bad idea, but it can truly be very positive.

After you start seeing results from SEO, it will begin to pay for itself. Know how much money you make on average per sale from your website and then do the math and see how much it will be worth to you.

When you start to understand how much you’ll gain by investing in SEO, it becomes much easier to put out the money.

If you don’t want to take the money away from another part of your marketing budget, it can be difficult to figure out what to do. You may need to cut down on something that is making your business life easier, but that your business can live without—at least for a little bit.

That might mean mowing your own lawn, processing your own payroll, or something else to fit your SEO plan into the budget.

Choosing an SEO Plan That Works for You

Now that you have some idea about SEO and what you need to do, it comes down to picking a plan that works for you.

If your market isn’t very competitive, you might not need to spend thousands of dollars on SEO. On the other hand, if you’re competing on a national playing field, you might need to put that much money out to make a difference and start to see results.

Speak to a quality SEO firm and ask them the hard questions. You don’t want to look for a company that is going to tell you that you should only go for the biggest package, so you do need to let them know what budget you’re working with.

When the SEO company you’re going to use knows what budget you’re working with, they can help you choose the right fit for you and explain the benefits of choosing that package.

How Much Does SEO Cost? – Now You Know

Now you understand and know the answer to, “How much does SEO cost?” Now it’s time to put what you’ve learned into action and start getting your piece of the pie.

If your fishing pole isn’t in the lake, you can’t catch any fish, so get your website out there and start reeling in the customers.

Do you want to learn more about SEO and other internet marketing strategies? Keep going through our blog to get the help you need.

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