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5 Best Practices to Improve Quality of Patient Care

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Did you know that the current COVID-19 pandemic is expected to infect up to 60% of Americans before it completes its first wave? That’s a huge potential for a surplus of patients at medical care facilities.

Whether you’re treating someone who has the coronavirus or simply a sprained ankle, there are plenty of ways you go about improving patient care for all at your medical practice.

Just like running a business, where customer care is a top priority, your medical practice must put its patients first.

Are you wondering how you can make your medical facility the best it can be?

Well, we’re in this blog article we have a few recommendations so keep reading to learn all about the 5 best practices to improve patient care.

1. Reduce the COVID-19 Risk

When it comes to improving patient safety and quality of care, it’s more important to listen to the CDC about how to avoid spreading COVID-19.

All patients and employees should wear masks. Social distancing should be implemented in waiting rooms and elsewhere. Additionally, patients and employees who exhibit relevant symptoms should be tested immediately.

Cleanliness is paramount. All employees should wash their hands effectively and regularly. High-traffic surfaces should be wiped down with disinfectant multiple times a day.

2. Perfect Bedside Manner

Without the right communication and support customers soon look to get their needs met with another business. The same is true with medical practices. When patients know that their needs and concerns are being noted, then they’ll be much more communicative. A great bedside manner can even aid in helping a patient heal and keep their custom.

This is why bedside manner is more than a formality, it’s a way to encourage positive results for them, your employees and the practice at large. A lot can be said for making sure a healthy mind and body is facilitated through a care regimen that puts the patient’s humanity first and foremost.

If this is an area that needs some attention in your medical practice, refresher courses in customer communications for all your staff would up your game. Plus you’ll know if the investment in employee training as worked through seeking patient feedback after their care.

3. Get the Best EMR System

Are you thinking about improving patient care through technology?

An EMR system is similar to a CRM for business. EMR is an electronic medical record and RevenueXL, a provider of a range of technological healthcare solutions, including state-of-the-art EMR systems explains what it is in layperson’s language.

In business, the provision of services is faster when information can be accessed quickly, and the same is true for medical practices. When physicians can have all the relevant healthcare documents on hand, then the patient experience will be greatly improved.

Going digital also means going green, which is great for the environment. Plus, you’ll save money on paper, ink, and more.

4. Form Partnerships

A medical facility has only so many resources. However, when you make partnerships with people who have similar goals, then you can double or triple your effectiveness.

You can start by looking into your local community for partnership opportunities. You shouldn’t be afraid to dream big and look into the possibility of national or even international partnerships. When you become part of a bigger health system, you’ll have more resources for improving patient care.

5. Encourage Feedback

Are you wondering how to improve patient care even more?

After you’ve treated a patient, you should encourage them to give feedback by completing an optional survey. This will allow you to collect data about the strengths and weaknesses of your patient care. It’s important to maintain the mindset that there’s always room for improvement.

Are You Ready to Improve Patient Care?

Now that you’ve learned all about the 5 best practices to improve patient care, you can revolutionize the way your medical facility operates.

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