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4 Effective Fintech Marketing Strategies to Try

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Have you developed a fintech app? If so then you’ll know the value of it to customers in the time of COVID-19 when we are all sitting at home, unable to attend banks in person.

Traditional banking is dying and new and exciting technologies are allowing startups to take advantage and change the financial industry for the better.

You could have the best product in the whole world but there’s no point if no one is using it or finding it.

Here’s everything you need to know about fintech marketing and how you can improve your strategy.

1. Have a Great Website

Most of your users are going to be engaging with you via a cell phone or tablet but it’s still important to have a great website that easily explains your product.

If someone Googles you then you want them to be able to bring up some basic information and to be easily able to download your product.

A great website should have your contact details on it such as the email addresses of the important people in your company and a physical address if necessary. It’s also a good idea to have the latest news section to build excitement around your latest updates.

Be sure to include includes to your social media platforms as well or include a live feed down the side of your site and links to other financial technology sites.

2. Develop a Great Easy-to-Use App

The next stage is to ensure your app is easy to use and looks great. It can be overstated how much you need a great user interface. If you don’t fully understand this yet, then be sure to read this great article about why you need ui ux and how you can go about hiring a great developer to assist you.

A great user interface includes things like loading times from the moment your user clicks on your app to them completing their function.

An app should also be crisply and cleanly designed. Even if your app has a lot of functions it’s important not to overwhelm your user and to tidy away some of the more difficult applications into easy-to-use menus.

Visibility within the different app stores on Android and iOS is also important. Be sure to create a stand-out logo and to comply with all the guidelines set out for each store to ensure your app is visible to users.

3. Have a Strong Social Media Presence

Social media is hugely important, perhaps more so than a website or the app itself. As a fintech company, be sure to be on as many channels as you possibly can and use them effectively. Your fintech media output is important.

Twitter is a great platform as this is largely about sharing information and stories. But it’s worth remembering that being active on Instagram and Facebook can also be valuable. Instagram is not the traditional platform of tech companies as it’s more image-based but there is scope to do interesting things with it.

Remember that social media is not a one-way conversation. You should be interested in what other people have to say rather than just putting out the company’s message.

A great post idea would include pictures of you attending the annual Fintech conference which shows you engaging in with the conversation about the future of finance.

Be sure to hire a specialist to oversee social media and if you have the budget even consider hiring separate people for different platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Behind the Scenes

Post behind the scenes content as well as exciting news about what you are doing. This could be honest information about the challenges your developers are facing and how you are going about fixing them.

People also like to see the human side of tech and know that their apps are not just managed by computers but by real people who want to improve their experience on the app.

4. Hire an SEO Agency to Write Your Blog

Blogging and content are two big parts of any marketing strategy in the twenty-first century. Set up a blog that is search engine optimized and increase the ranking of your site on Google.

Remember the sites that do well on Google are ones that are well written and are full of great content. They also have lots of external links to other valuable sites.

There are also lots of niche websites for Fintech that put out Fintech news for members of their community. Be sure to network with the editors of these sites and see if they can link to any of your blog posts and include any news you have on their site.

Be as helpful as possible, even if they post content that you don’t like or that is critical of your services, as it’s always worth maintaining a good relationship with the press.

Consider hiring an SEO agency or a great writer with an SEO background to manage your blog posts for you. There might be someone in-house in marketing who could do this job, but it might be worth hiring someone external, who has distance from the company and who specializes in SEO blog writing, not just in marketing.

Fintech Marketing: Engage with Everyone on Every Channel

If you want to create a great fintech marketing strategy then the key is to engage with as many people as you can on every channel. Be sure to set up a great and well-thought-out website as well as a blog. But also be active on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even Pinterest.

Consider hiring experts in each field to manage each of these channels for you to ensure maximum exposure.

If you are interested in reading more about fintech marketing or financial technology since COVID-19 – be sure to check out the rest of our site.

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