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How to Seek Legal Advice without Spending Anything

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Never a day goes by without a business or individual worrying about how they are going to pay for their legal services. While we can not do with legal representation, Americans know lawyers are expensive so if they can, they will avoid using them.

Even in business, paying legal fees is sometimes a step too far, so wrongdoings often go unpunished. When you’ve been wronged you want to sue the party responsible so if you’re considering a lawsuit, but don’t want to have to pay unless you’re sure you’ll have a chance at winning it, consider the options mentioned in this article.

Ask Locally

Many lawyers offer a free 30- to 60-minute consultation to go over what they can do for you. Don’t let them pressure you into starting a lawsuit with them. Shop around and ask as many questions as you can. Many people avoid this since lawyers may try to convince them to hire them – but if you want information, this is the best way to go about it.

Most people prefer to work with local lawyers, for example, a personal injury lawyer in Missouri, or an employment lawyer in New York. Mostly so they can meet them in person however with the Internet today the face to face interaction is not always a prerequisite for great legal representation.

What’s important is making sure you find the lawyer or firm that you can trust – not just one that’s local to you. Plus if you’re not satisfied with their service, don’t preserve with them, you have the right to change your mind!

Look Into Free Lawyer Advice Online

There are thousands of message boards online that offer free legal advice. The only problem with this is that it’s never evident who you’re talking to unless you go through an accredited site. You don’t want to take advice that has no actual legal precedent.

Look Into Federal Aid

The government does have some programs standing where you can seek aid on lawsuits. These programs usually inform those filing lawsuits, and also help with the cost of registering one.

Seek Out Pro Bono Programs

Some areas have programs where lawyers will offer to work pro bono, or for free, depending on what the case is over. If you find one of these programs, make sure you qualify for everything they’re requesting.

Don’t waste time applying if you know you won’t be accepted. Although these programs are free, they’re also desperately needed by people: don’t slow down the line if you know you won’t qualify.

Consider Local Law Schools

Often overlooked, law students are an incredible resource. Many law schools will offer free consultations so that their students will get some hands-on practice with cases. You won’t be getting the most expert advice, but these students have been literally studying the law for years and will have great information more often than not.

Consider Paying a Discounted Rate

If you’ve dived through these options, and you still can’t find a lawyer who fits what you need, consider paying a small fee instead. Some lawyers offer consultation hours at half of their usual hourly rate. This option can still be expensive, but if you have no other options, it’s the best you may be able to find.

What you need, most of all is the peace of mind that you’re making the right decision. Once you’ve decided whether or not you’ll go through with a lawsuit, you need to make sure to find a lawyer that you trust. If your case is good, and they see it as winnable, some may be able to work with you on their fees. And to avoid needing a lawyer right now see this article on how to mitigate risks in your business.

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