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Top Reasons Why Brands Should Use Text SMS Marketing

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Entrepreneurs and companies are always looking for channels to promote products, services and also improve customer relationships.

Soon after the first mobile advert in the year 2000, brands discovered that SMS marketing was an active marketing channel for communicating promotional content, special offers, giveaways as well as advertise new products.

Tapping from the experiences of these successful brands from best mass text messaging sites, this article will reveal the reasons companies of all sizes should use text SMS marketing as part of their marketing mix.

1. Quick Feedback From Customers

Customer feedback is essential for improving seller-buyer relationships as well as products and services. All businesses need to know their SWOT, and it features such as google reviews and direct customer feedback in social media, on your website and via customer mobiles that provide companies with insights on how they’re getting on.

As the saying goes, “customers know best” and businesses need to know their approval rating, and where they can do more to secure more business from customers to outwit competitors and gain more market share.

2. Instant Delivery

Text messages are almost instantaneous and more personal than many other channels, including social media platforms. Therefore you need to be careful and respectful in your communication. In your initial SMS message use personalization to show you know the recipient; otherwise, they ask to be removed from your marketing list.

3. High Open Rate

High open rates of text messages makes mobile marketing valuable and perfect for interactive marketing. When you send out an SMS marketing campaign make sure the delivery mobile number is managed as replies will instantaneous and it’s at this time, your business has to shine and create the right perception with a high level of customer service. Plus less effort is required on subject lines to get ‘opens’ than with channels like email marketing since texts have a very high open-rate. The notification buzz alone going off in the person’s pocket will prompt him to open the message.

4. Improved Customer Data

Consumers tend to patron a brand more when they believe they have a personal relationship with them. For example imagine getting a direct SMS message from the footballer, Lionel Messi. If you love football you’re going to be thrilled especially when the text is asking you to buy his Adidas sneakers. As a business send relevant SMS messages to your marketing list of recipients and to get a high ROI, you would send Lionel Messi’s SMS message to your network of customer who loves football and ideally loves Messi. This is called personalised customer data. Work on getting more personal details such as birth dates, likes, hobbies etc and send them customized birthday messages as well as SMS messages on products you know they need or want.

5. Low Budget

Unlike the billboards and mass media which are high ticket items for advertising campaigns, SMS marketing is more modest and you can subscribe to deals so you too get a better deal on your marketing spend.

6. Active Customers

Sending regular messages with ‘call to action’ content will keep your list of active customers or SMS marketing subscribers up to date. At any time a recipient can request to be removed from your marketing and while that makes it hard to grow your list, it’s better to pay for an SMS message going to an active customer than an inactive recipient who is no longer interested in your business and is therefore not likely to generate any sales.


SMS marketing is in favour and it’s winning in the race to reach customers and secure sales. The open rate is hard to ignore and with every action measurable the statistics don’t lie. All you need to do is keep your customer data accurate and as personalized as possible so you can send targeted SMS messages to actively interested customers.

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