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How to Make Your Brand One of the “Fun Brands” Using TikTok

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If your trying to up your companies social media marketing this year and be one of the “fun brands”, you should seriously consider using TikTok.

How can TikTok help, and how can your company use it? Keep reading for a full guide to why so many are turning to TikTok as the new app that can take your company places.

A Must For Reaching Gen Z

If your company is trying to reach younger generations, marketing on TikTok can be one of the best ways. Most users are between 16 to 24 years of age, and they are using this up-and-coming app like crazy. Keep reading for some awesome TikTok marketing ideas.

Interact With Influencers

The world of influencers is moving into using TikTok, which can be a great way to market your product. Use an influencer who seems like someone who would be your customer to showcase your product.

Influencers can put your products in front of tons of potential customers’ eyes. Followers have influencers they trust and will believe that if the influencer loves your product, they will too. Companies are using this method to showcase products from makeup to cooking wear.

Working with influencers on TikTok is a great mini-advertisement for your brand. Consider giving the influencer your working with a discount code that they can share with their followers. This makes it more personal and will make followers more inclined to make a purchase with you.

Fun Brands Are Creating Original Content

Unlike other social media platforms, it’s not as easy to market on TikTok because paid ads don’t exist for this platform yet. In lieu of this, companies trying to get on the same level as their young consumers are using unique branding to create their own content on TikTok.

As ads are infiltrating social media platforms, users are growing skeptical of them. Use TikTok to socialize with your customers and establish a brand identity instead of outright pushing your products.

Some great ideas when it comes to creating your own TikTok videos are doing behind the scenes of the office or product unboxing videos. Another idea is to do office tours or product “how-tos” that can be helpful for your customers.

For example, many clothing companies use TikTok for quick try-on videos that show audiences their product and how to style them, fast. Restaurants like Chipotle also use TikTok to promote challenges that users can reenact.

Humor is the driving force of TikTok, so use this to your advantage, and brainstorm fun ideas with your team. Creating relatability and connection with your audience can grow your customer base.

Start Marketing With TikTok Today!

So many fun brands are using TikTok to make sure they are connecting with a younger generation of customers. Try some of these TikTok marketing ideas today to grow engagement with potential customers in a quick, fun, and easy way.

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