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How Effective is Google AdWords in Businesses

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In business that which provides results, works. An added capability is when these results are instantaneous and transparent. That is exactly what Google AdWords provide.

Every marketing consultant worth his salt will advise you that jumping to the top of search results is the most effective way to generate traffic, capture customers and convert leads into sales.

In short, investing in Google AdWords or Pay-per-click (PPC) ads that appear in Google search results pages can be an effective investment in your marketing campaigns. Google AdWords when implemented strategically and fine-tuned to a science can effectively boost your business’s revenue and customer acquisition.

The key word here is perfect Google AdWords management. The right mix of keywords can actually bring in ROI faster than any other campaign strategy.

The quick and tangible results of using Google AdWords makes it effective for almost any business: small, medium, or large.

Here are some reasons that can elaborate on the fact:

  1. The measurable factor: The pay-per-click metrics of Google AdWords let you measure and calculate what worked and what didn’t in your ad campaign. Now, other marketing channels such as print, TV and even social media can’t be exactly measured leaving you in a quandary as to what adjustments to make.
    a. Google Adwords lets you measure your performance consistently and calculate the ROI so that you can refine your campaigns to achieve optimum results.
  2. Faster than SEO: In marketing budgets time is of essence and a well-crafted AdWords campaign works faster than the site’s SEO because you can:
  3. Focus on multiple keywords,
  4. A/B test different ad copy,
  5. Turn a campaign on and off at will,
  6. Garner immediate visibility with top of the page ads.
    a. Thus, increased traffic, instant leads and quick verification of working organic searches peg AdWords at a better pedestal than search engine optimisation which is more of a long-term process.
  7. Increases brand visibility: Everyone is using Google and so running a campaign via Google AdWords means that you are reaching out to more people about your brand awareness.
    a. In fact, a combined Google and Ipsos Media CT survey showed a 6.6% increase in top-of-mind awareness about brands that had search ads across various industries from automobile to retail.
  8. Scale and change at will: Google AdWords are highly scalable that do not require double the efforts if you want to double your leads. All you have to do is increase your PPC budget so that your leads and profits will increase accordingly. This is a highly effective option for businesses to increase leads in shorter time spans.
    a. Also, Google AdWords provides numerous flexible options to customise them according to your specific requirements. From keyword match types to ad extensions, specific audience targeting, accessing non-search users on partner sites, and leveraging display network.
  9. Benefit with Google analytics: Google AdWords lets you explore various other data that can be skilfully applied to refine your marketing campaigns. Google analytics lets you access complete performance of the ads with visitor details and page durations. This can in turn help you boost your results with different variations and even craft better organic search content as well.

Google AdWords is very effective for businesses and not only because so many companies are finding success with it. It is effective because it lets you grab all opportunities and allows you to stay ahead of your competitors.

However, it also matters how refined your marketing strategy is and Google AdWords correctly helps in this regard. It lets you plan for the best, because only hoping for the best never guaranteed results!