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Workplace Injury – What To Do Next

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A workplace injury can happen to anyone. The risk is higher for workers using machinery or deemed a dangerous job, like a commercial building window cleaner or a pilot. Check out this list of the most dangerous jobs in America, some of the professions on the list may surprise you.

There is no room for health and safety complacency in a business today. Reputations are on the line if high-risk tasks and roles are not identified and adequate safety measures and training are implemented. There’s no escaping the post-incident reporting that deals with culpability, reward and prevention measures. Lawyers are engaged, and news of the incident can online, impacting the business’s reputation and future sales.

Therefore while there may be some complacency for office-based businesses as their workers are less likely to get physically hurt while at work, knowing what to do at the scene of an incident is still required as it can make the difference between life and death.

Being trained in first aid basics and having staff who can scope the accident scene and take appropriate action can make all the difference. There may be one or two people with physical injuries but multiple people suffering from shock.


Witnessing an accident is stressful, and it can send some bystanders into shock. So before you know it, there may be more than one person now deemed ‘injured’. For example, when a person goes into shock, it can be worse than the actual injury.

A lack of oxygen to vital organs can cause vomiting and even permanent damage, so it’s vital you and your staff know the signs of someone suffering from shock.

This article will throw some light on what to do following a workplace injury so your response can lessen the severity of the injuries and also prevent future accidents.

Attend The Incident

The first step you’d take after an accident is to provide first aid to the injured persons. Your company will have designated first aid officers, and you’ll find other workers also stepping forward as they too know first aid basics.

DRAB (danger, response, airways, breathing) and knowing how to read the signs and alert emergency services can be lifesaving.
Also, giving CPR and keep someone alive and also prevent injured persons from deteriorating.

There are mobile apps for first aid basics and also to locate the nearest defibrillator so there’s really no excuse for inactivity at the scene of an accident if your assistance is required.

Your office is not likely to have its own defibrillator, but it should have a first aid kit. Do you know where the first aid kit is located in your office?. If not, make it your immediate task to find out. 🙂

Report The Incident

Every organization has specific rules about accidents that happen during work. It would help if you informed your manager about the incident. If you feel that the injury is minor, inform at the given moment; however, you can tell as early as possible if the damage is severe.

In case there is no one present at the scene, you can tell your colleagues about it and ask for their assistance. They can pose as your alibi when you request insurance. When you tell a work friend about the incident, you tend to ensure that your friends don’t face the same problem.

Collect Evidence

It would be beneficial for you to remain at the scene after the incident. However, if you consider that place is dangerous, you should try to find a safe place until help arrives. Record the whole scene on your phone.

If you have some form of pictorial evidence about the accident, it can significantly impact your case. With the aid of sufficient evidence, you can easily apply for the insurance claim.

Get Legal Advice

There are many challenges a person faces after the accident, such as dealing with the medical reporting and, of course, the insurers. A lawyer experienced in injury claims can manage the process for you.

Workers Compensation

A worker injured while at work may be in a position to apply for a permanent partial disability. The PPD award showcases the compensation available and ‘workers compensation is big business for lawyers, so most law firms have it as a specialisation, to include personal injuries, third party liability and specific types of accidents like auto and construction.

Insurance Claim

A worker injured at work can expect monetary support from their employer. This claim can cover medical bills, loss of income and other liabilities. A person needs to follow the company procedure for filing claim forms, and a legal expert is the best place to start, so you know your rights, and if it’s your company, engaging your legal team is a wise course of action. Not all incidents are clean cut. Forensics will discover cause and liability, and all parties need the best legal representation they can afford.


Preventing an incident that causes harm to workers is your best course of action. Plus training your staff in the basics of first aid to lessen injuries if they occur. There will always be post-incident reporting and the need to engage in legal representation. The outcome can be positive when added measures are taken to safeguard against further incidents in your workplace.