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Paycom Releases Ask Here Communication Platform

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Paycom released the “Ask Here” Communication Platform further improves the employee engagement experience.

Client Employees are supplied with a Direct Query/Response Process when asking Work-Related Questions.

Paycom Payroll Services, a top provider of comprehensive Human Capital Management (HCM) software, recently released its newest communication platform, Ask Here. This cloud-based tool provides all employees within an organization with a direct line of communication when asking their company representatives work-related questions and receiving timely responses. This is managed using Paycom’s self-service technology, which can be accessed by any employee from any location. Ask Here resolves issues regarding missed emails, phone calls, and unnecessary foot traffic to Human Resources offices across the company.

Chad Richison, founder and CEO of Paycom, stated, “I am excited about the benefits the company and their employees gain from our latest innovation, further enhancing the employee-employer experience through technology.” Richison revealed that while Ask Here serves as an excellent medium used for communication, it also assists businesses in discovering gaps within their policies and procedures. He explained that the platform additionally identifies training opportunities and the potential of an information-sharing culture created across the company to strengthen work culture and employee engagement and increase employee retention.

Ask Here’s Feature List

  • Central dashboard and repository where all employee queries, communication, and details would reside
  • Easy-to-use templates pre-populated with common queries directed to specific personnel
  • Templates or other questions can be customized for routing elsewhere within the organization
  • Unlimited custom categories for questions
  • Document (photos, medical notes, accessibility needs, etc.) attachment capability when the need to include further information related to a query
  • Secure digital “Safe Space” to report workplace concerns (both employee or facility-related)
  • Notifications of responses to questions and status updates are kept within the questions thread and can also be saved by the employee.

Ask Here follows on the heels of Paycom’s industry-first data performance monitoring tool. This tool is known as Direct Data Exchange and is Paycom’s focus on driving ROI for clients through their employees’ use of HCM technology.

Oklahoma City-based Paycom remains the leader in global HR and Payroll Technology, continuing to redefine the human capital industry by providing companies with a software portfolio to efficiently navigate an ever-rapidly changing business environment. Paycom’s only cloud-based software solution is based on using a core system designed single database for all human capital management functions to access independently while maintaining synergy in functionality. This manages the complete employee lifecycle from recruitment through to retirement. Paycom serves all business sizes in all industry categories.

Paycom continues to be an industry leader in online payroll management, HR management, employee management, and time & attendance management. Their innovative software solutions have taken them to the front of the managed and outsourced HR and Payroll service industries.