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New Year Resolution To Kick-Start Your Career in 2020

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As this year draws to an end we wonder just where did the time go. Are you contemplating what happened to you during the year? For example, do you remember setting new year’s resolutions and did you achieve them?

If you don’t remember what goals you said you’d achieve you’re not alone, remember the saying ‘New year’s resolutions are made to be broken‘ or they might as well be as most of them are made impulsively and likely to be repeatedly set for every year without much thought.

However, you could do it all differently for next year by setting your new year resolutions now and commit to improving other areas of your life including your profession.

Life can just take over and many workers just do their jobs without aspiring to do better. Get a pay rise, do work that’s more rewarding and fulfilling. Doing the bare minimum in your job i.e. producing just what’s expected of you, may keep your job but you’re unlikely to go further in your career.

We get out of life what we put in and for this reason alone its important to take control of your professional destiny i.e your profession. Not everyone aspires to be a manager, a CEO, or a scientist, thankfully we’re all inspired by different goals.

Be true to yourself and what is right for you in your career and give yourself the best starting point through your own personal commitment to goal setting of both personal and professional milestones for the year and beyond. Here are a few ideas for kickstarting the new you next year.

Learn a New Language

Learning a new language might not sound like a career goal, per se, but what you may not know is that learning a new language opens up so many doors in several different industries, especially in businesses that do international business; you’d be a very valuable asset in your company. Plus, being bi-lingual typically comes with a pay increase, and who couldn’t go for a pay increase!

Turn Your Side Hassle into an LLC

This idea may seem a bit farfetched but even if are satisfied working for another business, running your own company to profit is exciting. Imagine profiting from your true passion and realising later on that it was the start of something much bigger, like leaving your full-time job!

The LLC is a business structure, and the process of getting it set up can be challenging but there are six basic steps you can follow to make it happen before you can change your mind.

There will be some doubt in your mind and you’ll want to convince yourself you probably don’t need an LLC but what you’re doing by getting it set up and operational as soon as you can do so, is you’re committing to doing something with it, i.e. making a success of providing your product or service for a profit.

Think ‘action and outcome’ and focus on the activities that can take you on the journey to entrepreneurship all you need to do is take the first step.

Make next year the one you turn your side hustle into a full-blown LLC!

Up Your Productivity

While you’re contemplating a step in a new direction professionally consider making a new years resolution to being less easily distracted and therefore more productive at work and in your life’s activities. Studies have shown the simple task of making up your bed is one of the top productivity hacks for lots of professionals.

Making up your bed represents the first goal you accomplished for the day, giving way for you to accomplish the rest of the goals you have set for the day. Who would have known!