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How to Start Your Own Excel Consulting Business

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Research shows that nearly 90% of spreadsheets have an error of some sort.

If you start a spreadsheet consulting business, you can help people avoid such errors, while making a decent profit in the process.

But starting a consulting business isn’t easy, as there are many challenges involved. How do you promote your business? How do you make sure you have the skills to actually help people?

This post will teach you the basics of starting an Excel consulting business. Keep reading, and it won’t be long before you’re helping people deal with their subpar spreadsheets.

1. Make Sure Your Skills Are Up To Scratch

Before you start selling your consulting services, you first need to make sure your Excel skills are up to scratch.

For instance, you might know how to create formulas in Excel. But do you know how to apply this knowledge so that a business can forecast their inventory needs over the next two quarters?

If your Excel skills could do with some improvement, consider purchasing a course from a website like Udemy or Coursera.

If you want to speed up the learning process, consider hiring a consultant that already works with businesses in need of Excel support.

They will understand the real-world scenarios that you will have to face in this line of work. Following this, they’ll be able to teach you the Excel strategies that really matter.

2. Share Your Knowledge

If you want people to see you as an Excel expert, you need to show them that you know what you’re talking about.

You can do this by uploading videos on YouTube that teach people how they can use Excel to solve certain business problems.

These videos will help you generate clients because, for the most part, the people watching these videos will not want to do the work themselves. Instead, they will want to hire you to do everything, as you’re the expert.

3. Stay in Touch with Your Clients

If you stay in touch with your clients, you increase the odds of them sending you additional work.

Once a client project ends, check in with them a few months down the line, to see if there’s anything else you can help with.

It’s also worth asking your clients if they know of anyone that might benefit from your services. If you want to encourage referrals, offer a commission, should a recommendation lead to work.

Ready to Start an Excel Consulting Business?

Starting an Excel consulting business is not an easy thing to do, but the tips in this post should help you avoid rookie mistakes.

To begin with, you might want to market your services to a particular group of people. Once you have your initial set of clients, you can then think about selling your services to a broader market.

You could even consider the option of creating a course, so that your consulting business makes money, even when you’re not working.

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