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Is Derby The Right Location For Your Business?

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Location, location, location is not just a phrase to use when moving home – it can be just as important when considering a base for a business start-up or moving an already established company to a better environment. If you are having difficulty choosing a UK city to relate to, then Derby has to be one of the biggest contenders.

With online retail now taking over a higher proportion of sales than fixed high-street premises, more and more businesses are able to relocate. This is especially true for those that are looking for pleasant office space that can offer the connections, versatility and amenities your company needs whilst not necessarily needing to be right in the thick of things.

Whether you are already located in Derby or are thinking of moving to a thriving city, this midlands gem makes a great hub for a business to operate from due to the following benefits:

Central Location with Excellent Transport Links

If your business is based around logistics or visitors, then the central location of Derby makes perfect sense to reach the rest of the country. However, this flourishing city offers more than enough custom to support the most traditional or diverse local businesses.

Derby was built around the rail industry and offers thoroughly modern transport links. The city has direct services to cities such as Nottingham, Leicester, Sheffield, Leeds, Birmingham, and London (only 89 minutes by train). If you employ the local graduate workforce – they have no excuse to be late.

If you are a prospective business looking to relocate or start-up in the Derby area; RTC Business Park has brilliant connection routes and pleasant offices offering comfortable working conditions with a wealth of facilities to ensure you won’t want to move anywhere else! They offer a central location set in landscaped grounds which means you can have all the benefits of city business with a touch of nature too!

Graduate Workforce with Fresh Ideas

Derby has one of the highest graduate retention rates in the country, which means you already have access to a highly qualified and locally-based workforce. Derby offers the benefits of city living at lower prices, and its vibrant population also makes it an ideal base to experiment with a pop-up office or business premises.

On-going Investment

For local businesses to thrive and move with the times, there needs to be a continual plan of investment in the area. Derby has received £4bn of investment in the last ten years, and £2.3bn of known projects are already in the pipeline, making it one of the most exciting and enterprising cities around.

Industry Giants to Soletraders

Derby has been the home of the iconic Rolls Royce car company for over 100 years and has also been named as a top ten UK location in which to start a business too. Hence, it’s a city that combines traditional industry with innovative, forward-thinking expansion. This city positively welcomes and supports new enterprises by offering attractive incentives to help new start-ups grow and become part of Derby’s ever-growing culture.

Culture and Industry

Derby has a history of both industrial and cultural heritage that rubs shoulders with 21st-century technology. The friendly business community positively welcomes newcomers to the professional and creative sectors, helping to create and provide a unique melting pot of support and innovation to operate within.

Quality of Work-Life Balance

Whether you plan to work in the city, live there or perhaps do both, there’s plenty to do, so, and experience; Derby Arena, the Intu shopping mall and the Cathedral Quarter offer plenty of vibrant entertainment, and there is also the beautiful country of Derbyshire to explore too!