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Why The Little Things Matter In The Workplace


Like with many things, in business, it’s the small things that make the biggest difference. It’s the little details, the cogs in the machine which keeps it running, the tiny tank level sensor in a huge tanker which is vital for safety, that screw that holds everything in place and that wall that keeps your house from falling down.

Business is no different, no matter how small or how intricate the detail, there are things in your business which keep it running and together make its success.

Smalls Teams

Research shows that employees are more engaged and productive when they work in smaller organizations or teams. One of the biggest reasons that small teams work well is because every member of the team can see how the difference they are making in the group’s success or failure. It gives them a sense of personal accountability and purpose, which drives individual productivity and increases employee engagement.

Create a Supportive Work Culture

This is a huge thing that needs to be considered in the workplace and its simple and small things such as message boards that make a huge difference in creating supportive work relationships and friendly environments in the workplace. If many people in your workforce work remotely, then having somewhere they can chat about certain topics virtually is essential.

You spend the majority of your waking weekday hours at work, and for many, this is more time with colleagues than with your own families. The benefits of a positive and supportive work environment include the levels of creativity, productivity, and happiness go up, and stress levels sink significantly.

Celebrate the Small Stuff

A little praise goes a long way! Don’t wait until your employees do something huge before you dish out the compliments. Recognize the small yet powerful contributions they are making towards the business goal every day.

The key to successful regular recognition is making sure it stays relevant, meaningful, and authentic. It only takes is a small thank you for meeting a deadline or a simple ‘good job’ for completing a task. Research shows that 75% of employees who receive at least monthly recognition are satisfied with their job, so these little things really do make a difference.

Continuous Development

Providing opportunities for your employees to continually develop shows your employees you care about them, about their career and their growth, and this gives them the power and the confidence to think big.

Make sure that your team always have access to the knowledge and skills that they need to do their best in their role and for them to be able to innovate. This will not only build their confidence, but it will encourage them to step outside their comfort zone.


65% of people say that training and development is their top work motivator. However, today, so many people just don’t have the time to work as well as put in the hours to complete worthy training. Microlearning is the answer to this, thanks to microlearning technology which can deliver bite-sized chunks of training content straight to your employees’ phone. This means they can access training whenever and wherever they need to.

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