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Best Wireframe Tools for UX/UI Designers in 2019


Using the right tools to maximize the user experience design (UX) and user interface design (UI) of your mobile, software, or web designs, can mean the difference between fluidity and rigidity in the completed designs. These tools are time-tested and user-approved to provide the best experience with designing both UI and UX. Wireframe tools come in all varieties, so we’ve taken the time to bring you the best of the best for 2019.

1. UXPin

For a simple wireframe that is compatible with all platforms, including both Mac and PC, you’ll want to use UXPin. The service is trusted by some big names like HBO, PayPal, Microsoft and SONY, so you know there’s something special going on here.

With interactive elements, your designs won’t fall into chaos, and you can be certain that the easy-to-use interface won’t become confusing or cause you to trip up at crucial design points. You can join UXPin for free, which will grant you access to basic prototyping tools. If you’re more advanced, you’ll likely want to pay for either the Basic or Advanced packages; which are $12/month and $20/month respectively. For larger design teams, enterprise options are available on a custom pricing scale.

2. Axure RP

Axure has long been one of the best wireframe and design tools available for designers everywhere. The clean, intuitive interface makes both UX and UI design simple and effective, while providing cloud storage, so you never have to lose another project to forgetting to hit the “save” button.

The cloud allows your entire team to access the project from a single point, so the days of sharing files via email are long gone. Axure RP is focused on streamlining the design process for everyone involved, making it one of the most advanced and trusted design tools out there.

Wireframe tools must be both easy to use and cost-effective, and Axure RP is both. For just $29/user per month, you’ll get access to Axure Pro, and for $49/user per month, you can sign up for Axure Team. The Pro version is missing that all-important cloud storage, so for the best possible Axure experience, you’ll want to pay for Axure Team; complete with cloud storage, revision history, and more!

3. Canva

The visual aspects of your design are essential to both UI and UX. For stunning designs and an easy to use design tool, you’ll want to give Canva a trial run. This free service allows you to create graphics and visuals with ease completely online, making the tool compatible with any platform.

Easy drag and drop tools make this platform easy to use and accessible to both experienced and beginner designers. The best part is that Canva is free to individual users, but comes with limited storage and design options. If you’re looking for a bit more in terms of storage and features, you can sign up for the Canva Work Plan, which starts at around $12/month per user.

4. Mock Flow

For creating and testing your UI ideas quickly and effectively, Mock Flow  is your best option. This incredibly intuitive and powerful online tool can help shape the way you design your UI help bring your concepts to life in no time.

Without all the complexity of some other wireframe tools, Mock Flow takes a simpler approach to the design. You’ll appreciate this feature when you need to sketch out an idea on a time limit, and don’t have the time to learn complex processes or software. Mock Flow keeps things streamlined for maximum productivity.

The Basic package is free for one user but comes with several limitations. To maximize your experience with this great software, you’ll want to use either the Premium Package ($14/month) or the TeamPack ($29/month). The Business package is boasted as the tool’s best value, at $89/month; complete with all TeamPack features plus dedicated 24/7 support and other great features that will help your design process flow better.

5. Sketch

Sketch is a Mac-based design tool that started back in 2010. Since then, the tool has made waves and become a trusted tool for its dedicated user base; streamlining design and making intuitive interfaces the standard for wireframe tools.

More lightweight than its competitor, Adobe Illustrator, this is a great option for those who don’t care for Adobe Software in terms of usability or cost. Sketch continues to provide a simple tool for creating attractive and functional designs and is quite affordable for those looking for something cheaper than Adobe.

For just $99, you can obtain a personal subscription for one year. After the year is up, you’ll still be able to utilize the software for your designs, but you’ll no longer receive updates. You’ll also get access to Sketch Cloud, so all of your designs will be stored in a secure and easily accessible place.

6. Adobe Illustrator

This software is Adobe’s heavyweight champion in design. Creating simple low-fidelity mockups and wireframes are this software’s forte, making the design process simple and streamlined. With Creative Cloud, you can save and share your designs with your team with ease, sure that your information is stored in a secure place.

With plenty of vector design features, a low price tag, and easy collaboration tools, Adobe Illustrator easily made the list of the best wireframe tools for 2019. You can obtain Adobe Illustrator for just $20.99/month for the Adobe Single App Plan, or you can gain access to Adobe’s complete lineup of design tools for $52.99/month.

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