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5 Mistakes That Hold Businesses from Earning a Loyal Customer-Base

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For most marketers who are starting out, one of the first aspects that they put the highest level of priority into is sales. And after all, why not? Not only do they help you sustain your position in the market in every way, but there is also the fact that closing more sales is directly proportional to the amount of revenue earned. Hence, most services out there leave no stone unturned when it comes down to zeroing-in on an opportunity that might generate a sale.

Having said that, making improvements on your overall business is one aspect, but the other aspect to keep in mind is the common mistakes that prevent businesses from gaining a loyal customer base over a period of time.

Always remember that in most cases, your most profitable customers are always your long-term customers and going about how to improve customer experience is only a small aspect of a much larger picture overall. Any mistake that kills your sales will automatically lead to a decrease in your customer base.

Here are the top 5 mistakes that businesses make:-

  • Failing to build a customer-centric culture: This is the most important aspect of customer experience and nowadays, many services factor in this aspect from the very start itself. For instance, many companies stress the importance of this aspect from the hiring process onwards, serving as a guiding principle for all the employees out there.
  • Not being transparent: Although a lot of people might think that this aspect is really no big deal, you can be sure of the fact that it does make quite a difference in the long run. Shying away from sharing data about your service is really not the right way to go. Something as simple as being open about your revenue figures or your marketing strategies will ensure that a certain sense of trust and loyalty is achieved.
  • A lack of any call-to-action: Here’s the thing – There is little point in supplying marketing content to your customers if you are not going to ask them to do anything with it. As simple and straightforward as that. Hence, even placing a call-to-action on the landing page is a great way to start. It also has to be as convincing as possible.
  • Not focusing on a good and easy-to-read website layout: In this regard, there are a plethora of mistakes that services make, right from using random colours, too many fonts that confuse as well as a lack of category collaboration. All this can deal a blow to your credibility in the long run. Hence, focus on connecting to your users on an emotional level, ensure that your interface is mobile-friendly and lastly, keep it as simple and effective as possible.
  • Neglecting customer feedback: This is quite the no-brainer, but it truly surprising how many companies even to this day, do not recognise the significance of customer feedback. Be it compliments or constructive criticism, one needs to make sure that they are voiced openly and honestly. Also, a sureshot way to earn lifetime customers is the ability to respond in real-time to a problem

In today’s world, things are very unpredictable and tumultuous on almost every possible level. You can be sure of that fact. Having said that, the one main fact is that making sure that you get a loyal customer base from the very start will ensure that you gain a rock-solid footing in the industry. This, in turn, will go along way in strengthening your position amongst your peers in the market as well as draw more customers to your fold.

Another point worth noting is that even though the above mistakes can be rectified, that process does not happen overnight or even in a few days, for that matter. Recognising the problems, doing whatever it takes to rectify them and then being patient about the entire process taking its time to play out is key if you are looking for a successive long-term plan of gaining newer customers.