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How to Optimize Amazon Reviews?

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The rising competition among millions of Amazon retailers pushes them to rack their brains to figure out the ways to stand out among their competitors. They try to optimize almost everything on their product page including the keywords, listings, pictures, etc. How about Amazon reviews?

It will be easy for them to forget customer reviews and feedback. But it plays a key role in business conversions as a mirror that reflects your sales performance and product quality.  Besides, it significantly impacts shoppers’ buying decisions.

How can to optimize customer reviews and feedback?  This article will dwell on this topic and hope you find useful tips for your Amazon business. Let’s get started.

1. Follow the Amazon Rules

Remember to follow the rules of the Amazon community if you don’t want to suspend your business. This means that you have to optimize your business in compliance with the Amazon despite your eagerness to rocket your sales. It is the same goes for optimizing customer reviews.

You are not allowed to buy or use incentives for direct reviews and fabricate the honest feedback, even ask for positive feedback by the platform. Remember to follow these rules to safeguard the integrity of the Amazon community. Try to foster a sound business community to grow your business.

2. Utilize the Third-party Tools

There is no denying that negative reviews will harm your Amazon account health. And there are tools to help you cope with negative complaints about the bad shopping experience.

For instance, FeedbackExpress will help you automate communication with shoppers over their shopping experience, and notify the negative feedback. This will help you to handle negative reviews immediately.

Besides, you can also choose Salesbacker and BQOOL to manage your customer reviews and feedback.

3. Approach to the Top Amazon Reviewers

Do you know there is a list of Amazon top reviewers? These reviewers are widely known for their insightful feedback for relevant products, which distinguishes them from the rest comment. If you get reviews from them, you are likely to enjoy higher credibility.

As a result, you can approach these famous reviewers to get great feedback. First and foremost, you are allowed to research and find them. And then, you have to search their relevant tags that match their most used tags to ensure high relevancy between your product and the reviewer.  Besides, you have to figure out the contact info and send well-prepared email to them. Remember to follow up with great appreciation and sincerity.

4. Manage the Display of Customer Review

The display of the customer matters your sales and conversions, too. The display of your customer decides which reviews will be the first pop up for the customers. Normally, the review display is in chronological order. This means what pops up first should be the latest reviews.

Chronological order is good for SEO. But it is probably left a terrible impression in case of a negative review left by the buyers. As a result, you have to display the review based on the content of the review. Or you just leave them there and let the customers sort out as they will. Or you display a representative sample of the variability in star rating.

5. Deal with the Negative Reviews

Undoubtedly, negative reviews will significantly undermine your business credibility, and impact your conversions and sales. But it is inevitable for Amazon sellers. Thus, you have to deal with it properly.

Remember to keep calm when you find the negative reviews at the first sight, and figure out the real situation of the customer review and get to know what you can do to remedy the buyer’s suffering. Customers are allowed to remove their reviews within 60 days. Try to contact the buyer and offer your compensation, and reach a deal. If it is out of expectation, you can look for new customer reviews to bury the negative one. But if the review violates the Amazon Guidelines, it will be removed by Amazon.

In conclusion, optimizing customer review is a must for Amazon sellers. If you find your work on this part is not effective. You can incorporate some of the above tips in your business. Now, it’s time for you to get started.