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5 Tactics To Manage Your Company Reviews

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Many consumers turn to company reviews for insight into brands. As a marketing professional, you need to manage your company reviews effectively. Those who fail to do so can lose out on sales and as a result, yield low ROIs.

When consumers visit popular review platforms and see more negative reviews than positive ones, they hesitate to purchase your products or services. To prevent this outcome for your business, read on and learn the top tactics to manage your company reviews.

Make Time For Unhappy Customers

To begin managing your company reviews properly, make time for unhappy customers. When a customer has a bad experience with a product or service, they typically turn to the company itself first. Most customers only resort to leaving negative reviews online when they cannot get in touch with the company for assistance. If a customer reaches out to you via social media or email, offer them incentives. Many marketers provide unhappy customers with discount codes to make up for their poor experiences. In doing so, they turn unhappy customers into satisfied ones. Since satisfied customers do not leave negative comments, this strategy is great for managing company reviews. Have some great idea on winning back lost customers through this content.

Respond To Negative Reviews

Another company review management tactic worth implementing is responding to negative reviews. When customers do choose to retaliate by leaving bad reviews online, you need to respond to them. More so, you need to answer their complaints in a professional manner by focusing on reviews. As a marketing professional, your voice needs to match the voice of your brand. Calmly apologize for any issues and publicly offer them incentives to make up for their negative experiences. If you notice a review that provides false information about your company, kindly thank the reviewer for their feedback and correct them on the public platform. Then, consumers who visit such platforms for company insight can see both sides of negative situations. Use this tactic to improve your company review pages.

Establish Multiple Review Platforms

Also, establish multiple review platforms to manage your company reviews effectively. Businesses with multiple platforms for reviews increase their chances of receiving positive reviews. For example, these Welcome Wagon reviews are on multiple platforms ranging from Trust Pilot to BBB. Furthermore, they increase their chances of getting seen by potential customers. If a customer looks up your company on three different review platforms and cannot find you, they assume that your brand is under-developed. Then, they move onto a different business for products or services. Create various spaces for customers to leave your brand reviews. You will have to put more time into managing company reviews, but this tactic will yield you better returns.

Create An Employer Account

Marketers succeed in managing company reviews through creating employer accounts as well. Unlike numerous marketing tools, you can create employer review accounts for free. Once you open one, put it to good use. However, keep in mind that you need to speak on behalf of the brand through the account. When you see a negative review, refrain from responding hastily. Remember that potential customers will see what you write. Think of the messages you write as advertisements. Along with responding to reviews professionally, you can also use the account to update company information. View analytics on profile visits through your employer account as well. Market your brand with this tactic to manage your company reviews.

Encourage Positive Reviews

In addition to the above tactics to manage your company reviews, encourage positive reviews to improve your brand reputation. While negative reviews are unavoidable, positive ones can out-power them. After all, you can use your positive reviews as advertisements on various other platforms. For instance, marketers post positive reviews on their social media pages. Post a screenshot of a positive customer review on your business Facebook profile. Attach a link to the post that directs consumers to the product or service mentioned in the review. This company review strategy drives more sales and increases brand reputation simultaneously. Thus, you should constantly encourage your satisfied customers to leave you positive reviews on your established review platforms.

Marketing professionals who manage company reviews successfully increase their sales and profits. Make time for unhappy customers to avoid negative reviews all together. When negative reviews do appear on your pages, respond to them promptly and professionally. Establish multiple review pages for your company so consumers can find you easily. Furthermore, create an employer account on each platform to advertise your brand. Finally, encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews and post them on social media. Implement these tactics to manage your company reviews and boost your reputation online.

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