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A Tech Savvy CEO Is Unstoppable


A tech savvy CEO has confidence to make use of new technologies, in the workplace.  So you’d expect most CEOs to be fully up to speed with its use in business.

Not so according to a LinkedIn study, which says while computer science was a popular subject in education, business development and sales were the most common first jobs of CEOs. Non technical leadership roles followed, so many CEOs just don’t possess an acumen that includes technical expertise. Today technology is front and centre of most businesses so a non tech savvy CEO could be liability for the business.

For non techie CEO’s keen to improve their tech knowledge, the good news is, it’s never too late. Proficiency in programming, engineering, or mathematics is not required so you can relax.  CEOs just need knowledge on how new technologies can be utilised in the business.

Fourth Industrial Revolution

Did you know we’re moving into the fifth industrial revolution? It’s hard to keep up, as tech is evolving so quickly. A quote from the explains the 5th Industrial Revolution (5IR) as being:

Blockchain+AI+Human = Magic

So the 5IR is all about connecting innovation for good purpose and inclusivity with humans. AI and the Blockchain are part of the fourth industrial revolution and not on the radar of a lot of businesses whom are still grabbling with the digital revolution aka the third industrial revolution. For example the use of BYODs in the workplace has it’s own set of challenges for businesses including: How to protect against cyber attacks and make sure their intellectual property is secure, while allowing workers to use their own devices.

Then there’s the fourth industrial revolution and how that will change business in ways not yet fully comprehensible by anyone let alone business leaders.  We’re referring to the use of robots, big data, IoT, blockchain, AI etc.

Artificial Intelligence

The fact is there won’t be a process or system in your business left untouched by these technological advancements.   From administration, accounting, to security, marketing and recruitment, change will be everywhere you look and it’s unavoidable.

Tech savvy CEOs are already embracing many of these systems e.g. using big data, in marketing and sales strategies to target customers.  Advertising service providers like Facebook, Google have algorithms in use so if you’re using their platforms you’re using big data.

Look at what Amazon is doing with AI and their flywheel to manage energy when machines are idle.  Blockchains are managing financial transactions and will become more prevalent with financial institutions and other areas of the business too.

Therefore a CEO informed on current and upcoming innovations in tech systems, and where in the business they can be applied, can act fast to allow the business to move forward. There is also the opportunity for the CEO to take on a trusted advisor role and converse with leaders, not only within the business but also externally with their customers, and industry groups.

The CEO of any business, is a salesperson, and brand manager, therefore he or she is likely to be the ‘face of the business’. A tech savvy CEO can step forward as a trusted advisor on all matters relating to the use of tech in the business and thus build a reputation founded on his or her specific business acumen and technical knowledge. Clearly this action would make him or her unstoppable.

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