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5 Office Organization Tips That Make Startups More Productive

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If you’re a budding entrepreneur finding your way in the workforce, then you know how important it is to assemble the best team possible. And part of that equation means getting your startup company to run with efficiency.

Whether you’re one of the 69 percent of entrepreneurs who start their businesses from home, or operate in a noisy shared workspace, getting organized is a surefire recipe for success.

Something as simple as clearing off your desk can have a major positive effect on your productivity. In fact, researchers say all it takes is a pile of clutter to zap you of the energy you need to stay on task. Rather than spin your wheels on a daily basis, consider the value a boost in your productivity can provide.

Take a look at the five office organization tips below to help get your startup one step closer to thriving.

5 Office Organization Tips for Maximum Productivity

With the freelance job market on the rise, there’s no better time to crank up your startup. In fact, with the startup hiring rate climbing to a five-year high, 80 percent of entrepreneurs are planning to hire. That’s why it’s vital to try these five ideas to help get your office organized so you can focus more on success.

1. Go Green

No matter what type of office you have – home or commercial space – the amount of paper you have seems to breed on a daily basis. Instead of building the “leaning tower of paper,” consider buying recycling bins to keep the piles at a minimum.

2. The Power of the Purge

Keeping your visual space clear can also help keep your mind clear to work on projects throughout the day. Take a day, or a week, to go through every single item you have in drawers, file cabinets, and on your desk, and ask yourself if it is helping – or hurting – your productivity. Donate unused items to a thrift store and recycle any paper or plastic materials for a clear conscience.

3. Digitize It All

If you’re a startup company, chances are you are clinging to a ton of papers, forms, and tax receipts for those “just in case I need it” moments. But we’re here to tell you to get with the 21st Century and the digital world. Invest in a scanner and get to work scanning and storing all of your paperwork and important stuff on both a hard drive and in the cloud for easy access.

4. Bin There, Organized That

If you’re already an organized person, you might already know the benefits of having organizational tools like bins and trays to tidy up your desk. But for the rest of us, knowing how to organize our desks with these items is the perfect gateway to productivity.

Start with two trays, one for incoming tasks and one for outgoing tasks, to keep things simple.

Implement more as your projects develop but remember not to go overboard with stacks of trays – you still want to keep your desk manageable.

5. Drawers Are Your Secret Weapon

Give your desk a good clearing off and remove all of the knick-knacks, wacky magnets, and other nonsense that distracts you from being your best at work. Put all of your favorite items in a drawer to maximize space and minimize daily distractions.

Remember to put your most used files in the drawer next to your desk for easy access.

Organizing your files with online labels is an excellent organizational tool to help you stay in the game.

Ready to Rock Your Office Space?

We hope you found some great office organization tips with our helpful guide. Once you’ve created a better office space, you’ll reap the productivity rewards.