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Don’t Let Money Worries Stop You Starting A Business

Have you been considering starting your own business? This is a dream that many people have, but few follow. Most are put off by the risk they perceive to be involved in this venture. In particular the money, they assume, they’ll need to put forward to get their company started.

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How To Start A Warehouse Business

The Internet has led to a huge increase in home-based businesses, and other companies that sell products on the web. Most of these firms do not want to invest the time and money to physically store products. This change has created a tremendous need for warehouse services. Consider the following tips for starting a warehouse […]

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Should You Hire a Virtual CFO?

Companies of all sizes can face multiple problems when they first start off and financial difficulties are one of the main ones. Managing finances when first starting up can be confusing and stressful for those who haven’t had to deal with it before and have a lot of other things to deal with, which is […]

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Raising Capital

It only takes one to see it! What you will face raising money for your startup. Raising money for a startup is a difficult and time consuming task that takes your focus away from scaling your business. But, it is a necessary function.

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Will your business survive to the next generation?

In the 30 or so years we’ve been working as specialists alongside family businesses one thing has become clear – only one-third of them will survive the transition to the second generation. And of that one third that gets through to the second generation, only one-third will survive to the third generation. That’s not very […]

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