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9 Common Electrical Problems That Can Disrupt Your Business


Customers have a hard time giving your business their money if the power is out in your store. Electrical problems but into your bottom line, and can cause revenue loss. This article provides information on 9 common electrical problems that can disrupt your business.

There are better ways to cut your electric bills than to work by candlelight. Power outages and electrical issues affect your ability to conduct business as usual. These problems can damage essential software applications and data storage systems that your business relies on to function.

9 Electrical Problems That Disrupt Business

Electrical Surge

One of the most commonly understood electrical problems is an electrical surge (or power surge). An electrical surge is most often caused by a lightning strike during a thunderstorm, however, it can also be caused by an old or low-quality conduit that may have been used when the building was constructed. The damage from power surges can easily be prevented by installing a quality surge protector.

Prong Outlets

Most of us have at some point encountered 2 prong outlet and 3 prong power cord dilemma.

This often results in the 3 prong cord either being plugged into an adapter or having the grounding pin removed just to “make it work”. This creates a safety hazard and could cause the device or equipment to be permanently damaged and can also cause an entire wall of devices to lose power

Power Dips

Another common electrical issue is a power dip (or brownout). A power dip commonly occurs when the amount of power being supplied does not meet the demand for power. This often occurs when there is a sudden and heavy power draw. It is obvious this occurs as often the lighting may grow dim for a moment. This can cause computers to shut off as they do not have enough power.

Exposed Junction Box

A junction box is a common electrical term that is essentially a box where multiple wires meet and connect. At times these may accidentally be left exposed after maintenance has been performed. These power a safety hazard and are also a violation of the code.

Broken Switches and Outlets

A broken light switch is often the start of a horror film or ominous scene in a movie. But in real life, a broken light switch is often a sign of either bad electrical work, loose wiring, or both. If you have a light switch that seems to work intermittently contact your local electrician to get it replaced and prevent

Loose Outlets

Loose outlets are problematic as they increase the chance of a fire occurring and they can also lead to employees being accidentally shocked. If you notice an outlet is loose or at risk of coming loose stop using it until it can be properly repaired or replaced by a licensed electrician.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

The most common electrical problem that of a tripped circuit breaker. Occasionally you may find that a few seconds after you power on a device the power to that devices goes out. If this occurs find your circuit breaker and identify which breaker has been flipped and turn it back on. If this occurs again try disconnecting any devices that have a high power draw such as vacuums or printers.

Not Enough Electrical Outlets

When there are not enough electrical outlets people often turn to extension cords and power strips to connect their devices. While power strips and extensions cords are useful, they can lead to more problems if they are used in excess. Power dips can become more common and there is a greater chance of them accidentally becoming unplugged or of employees tripping over them.

Outdated Electrical Wiring

As stated above outdated electrical wiring can cause a multitude of problems. If the wiring is old enough rodents may have begun to eat away at the protective coating of the wire which can pose a potential fire hazard. Other problems can occur such as the inability of the wire to maintain a consistent power supply.

Final Thoughts

For more information and help with solving your electrical problems, check out the resources available on the Puckett Electric website. And, feel free to sign up for our newsletter to receive the most current news and updates. Thanks for reading.

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