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5 Office Spring Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

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It’s that time of year again when everyone is ridding their homes of winter junk and welcoming spring with an in-depth cleaning session.

But houses aren’t the only thing that could use some decluttering action. Office spring cleaning is a thing, and it can certainly help set the tone for a new fresh and productive season.

1. Office Spring Cleaning in the Break Room

A good way to get everyone on board with office spring cleaning is to send out a spring cleaning checklist. This way, everyone has an idea of simple things they can all do to help declutter office spaces.

If everyone takes home their leftovers from the company refrigerator, throws out their trash, or does their part to organize the cabinets, then there won’t be a huge mess for a single person to do on their own.

Teamwork makes the job go by quickly, and people can do it on time or when possible.

2. Spring Cleaning for Computers

Employees can clear their computers and organize the documents and desktop. They can also reset any necessary passwords or update security settings if it’s been a while.

They can even remove dust and other unsightly material from keyboards and monitors.

3. Declutter Their Desks

The average American will spend a year of their work lives looking for hidden items due to desk clutter. Including desk organization in the checklist will help with this problem.

Tidying the clutter from their desks can include removing unnecessary papers, pens, and trash from their desktops. They could dust off their desks, as well, and rearrange photos or decorations.

4. Lobby Clean Up

Spring cleaning for the whole office will most likely require more than contributions from your employees; there are a few times when hiring someone for an office clean-up day might come in handy.

The entrance to the office is the most critical area to have tidied up since it’s the first room seen by most people.

Desks and tables should be cleaned, and old magazines can be discarded and replaced by new ones. Fresh plants should be brought in to replace old ones, and windows should be cleaned.

5. Clean Restrooms

Having clean restrooms for everyone makes the work environment much more comfortable.

Cleaning the mirrors, sinks, and floors is a must because they are visual things that will make the most obvious difference.

Drain cleaning can prevent leaks from happening, and having it done during your office clean-up day would be efficient timing for more information about drain cleaning and its benefits.

Having the floors thoroughly mopped and shined will give the restroom a polished look to make customers and employees feel comfortable.

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Office spring cleaning and decluttering is essential for office morale because it makes it easier for everyone to stay focused and find everything they need. It also reduces stress.

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