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Top 4 Cleaning Supplies Your Office Needs

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Keeping your office in tip top condition is a task that takes constant monitoring to avoid the situation taking a turn for the worse. Nobody wants to work in a messy and disorganised and unhealthy environment and it can easily get to this stage if you don’t get it sorted as soon as possible.

Making sure that you have the right cleaning products in your office allows you or an employee to quickly sort out the mess hygienically. Without having them on hand the clean up process will be delayed, and it could affect the health and wellbeing of you and your staff.

System Hygiene outline the top 4 cleaning supplies that your office should have and outline so advantages of keeping them nearby as you work.

Computer and Telephone Wipes

With offices and workplaces becoming much more technologically advanced every year, you’ll be hard pressed to find an office without an abundance of computers, tablets and devices. Outside their technological maintenance you need to consider the hygiene levels. As you’ll be surprised at how dirty they can get, after being used 5 times a week for 7+ hours a day.

Keep some computer and telephone wipes nearby every desk so that there’s visual reinforcement to clean daily. This way, you and your employees fight back against this build-up and will drastically reduce the chance of illness.

Odour Neutraliser

With such a concentration of people in an office for most of the day, it can often get quite warm and can cause some people to sweat. We’ve all most likely encountered this, especially on a warm day, there’ll be a few people that sweat more than others. Along with that you have the added threat of bins smelling as the heat increases.

If you have nothing on hand to deal with this it can hamper productivity in the office as the smells will make working unbearable. Ensure that your office is prepared for these common occurrences by stocking up on odour neutralisers or air fresheners. If you have a few spread around the office this’ll keep the whole office properly covered in the event of a bad smell popping up.

Disinfectant Wipes

A study conducted by Dettol revealed that the average office keyboard harbours 7,500 bacteria. The average work desk is 400 times dirtier than an average toilet seat, so you can see why it’s important that they’re cleaned daily to avoid this build-up.

A very common item in the office as you most likely already know is disinfectant wipes, used for a variety of issues. Keeping them around to tackle keyboard, monitor and desk cleaning will keep the bacteria level on the low side. Allowing bacteria to grow uncontested on your keyboard and desk only increasing the spread of illnesses.

Window Cleaners

Often ignored in many offices around the UK, windows cleaners are essential to keeping the office sparkly clean. Not only does a clean looking office improve productivity among your employees, it increases your image to potential customers. Nothing is worse than showing a potential customer around your offices to find that the first thing they notice, is smudges and marks all over your windows. This gives off a terrible image and is easily fixed.

Keeping window cleaning products nearby allows you to give them a quick spray and wipe weekly to fight of smudges and marks that will naturally occur.

These are all very simple products and fixes for simple, common problems you’ll encounter when working in an office. It’s about being prepared, especially when running a business with an extensive workforce, potentially with many offices around the country.