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Building The Ultimate Company Website

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Your company website is an important aspect of your business. Many consumers will visit your website before deciding whether to use your services – it needs to be well-designed and well-written enough that it wows visitors and generates leads. Here are some of the steps you can take when designing the ultimate company website.

Visualise it

At first, it’s worth getting a rough design so that you know which pages and features you want. This could include drawing some designs on paper of the homepage and other pages. You may be able to use a visual sitemap generator to create a digital draft of what you want it to look like. If you have no website development experience, it could be worth getting some help from a professional company that can choose a design suited to your needs as well as looking and feeling professional.

Choose the right building method

There are too real building options – either you can code the website from scratch or you can use a free website builder like WordPress. Coding from scratch is more expensive, but could allow you to create a more unique website that’s also faster due to having fewer plug-ins. Website builders can often be good enough for small companies as they’re cheap and cheerful – you may not be able to create something as elaborate which could be the only drawback.

Optimise it for search engines

SEO (search engine optimisation) is a means of improving a website’s rankings on search engines like Google. This can be done through use of keywords and consistent content. Many website developers will take SEO into account when designing a website, but you could hire an SEO company separately to give your site a further boost. The more highly you rank, the more important your company will look, helping you to get more customers.

Test your website

Once your website is completed it could be worth testing it on the public. Professional website testers can review your site and recommend any improvements to make it more user friendly. You could also get everyday people to test it to see what they think.

Boost your credibility

A good company website should show proof of a company’s credibility. If you’ve got various licenses or are a member of a professional body or have won an award, make sure that this is detailed on your homepage. You can also use testimonials from past clients to show proof of being an experienced company. You may even be able to provide outside links to other companies.

Keep it updated

Regularly updating your website with new information can help to keep your company feeling fresh and busy. It can also improve your search engine rankings and entice return customers to use you again. There are lots of ways of keeping your website constantly updated – you could promote seasonal deals, create blog posts or add new testimonials. Make sure to use social media to advertise any new changes to your website. You can also use analytics to determine which content is popular.

Keep it secure

So now you’ve got the perfect website you’ll want it hosted with a managed hosting provider that knows their stuff when it comes to security. Choosing your web hosting provider is a big decision to make for your business and there are lots of options too from cloud based shared and VPS plans, to dedicated servers so do your homework before choosing the plan that meets your needs.

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