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How to prepare your start-up for the GDPR

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GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation, which will be launched in the UK and Europe in May, 2018. The GDPR will switch with the 1995 Data Protection Directive, meaning that it will affect how all business store and share data. The purpose of this different legislation is to harmonise data privacy laws throughout Europe whilst also giving better security and rights to individuals. This means that we will have new rights to access the information businesses hold about us whilst making these companies handle their data more efficiently.

Start-up businesses usually don’t have the knowledge that comes with an established business, which has meant that many smaller businesses have expresses uncertainty about how to fulfil the Regulation’s necessities and understand fully about GDPR compliance.

Here’s was your start-up can do in order to effectively prepare for the GDPR:

Categorise your data

Once you have decided how your business’ data will be effected by regulation guidelines, find out where the data is stored how it is processed and how you can access it. This will allow you to create a company-wide policy about how data should be handled.

Choose a point person

You should establish whether or not it will be useful to appoint a compliance officer who would be in charge of reviewing the constant changes in data privacy laws. Smaller businesses have the opportunity to hire an outside contractor to fill this role. It is essential that all businesses have a primary point of contact who is able to address issues of data protection.

Review your contracts

Your third party vendors must have policies that comply with the regulations. You should know that because your sign a contract in one country, it does not mean your data will be processed in that country. Understand how your vendors will store, process and access your business’ data.

Conduct an analysis

Consult with an expert to understand the GDPR and how they are likely to affect your business. Once you have done this, look at the systems your already have and try to determine weak spots that exist.

Educate the whole team

It is essential that all employees at your company are educated about the responsibilities they gain when dealing with personally identifiable or sensitive personal information of employees, customers, partners and contractors. It is extremely important the whole management team understands why data protection and the changed required under GDPR needs to be a priority in the budget.

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