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Confidence Can See You Home On Choppy Big Business Waters

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There are a lot of factors to small business success. You need to focus on perfecting products, marketing, and systems which work. And, when the times comes, you may also need to consider how to impress larger companies.

Never before has the saying ‘little fish in a big sea’ applied more. When you start playing with the big boys, it isn’t unusual to have a crisis of faith. What were you thinking? Of course Walmart will never notice your product.

In truth, though, half the trick here is appearing confident. If you believe in your product, a big store is more likely to. But, staying confident in the face of a shark isn’t easy. Which is why we’re going to look at a few ways to ride this wave without worry.

Work on your strengths

Comparison is always a killer. If you try and impress a big company by puffing your chest and trying to match their achievements, it won’t work. Instead, focus on the strengths you have as the small company you are. Bear in mind that even retail giants fail to achieve the intimate products you create. If in doubt, sites like are fantastic for highlighting what small companies have that large ones don’t. Read articles like this to give you a boost.

And, when it comes to meetings, keep your small business status as a secret weapon. Don’t try to impress CEOs with embellished sales figures or unrealistic expectations. Instead, be honest. Talk about the loyalty you build with customers, and the feedback you’ve had. Tell them about what you’ve done for your local community. Show your little business heart!

Know your worth

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to know your worth as a company, either. You will need to bring some figures to the table. I n preparation, work out how much you’re worth as a business. That way, you can go into the meeting with confidence and a justifiable figure in mind. In preparation, look at everything, from your profits, to your equity. If you want to save time, you could turn to companies like who can appraise your company for you. This professional touch will ensure you can 100% rely on those figures to be right. And, that’s sure to help you find strong footing when you’re in the limelight.

Perfect your sales pitch

Last, but by no means least, you should perfect your business pitch. In fact, it would be fair to say this is the most important thing of all. It’s certainly what will stick in a large company’s mind, and you should consider the above points as you plan this. It’s also worth heading to sites like for some pointers here. Take time over this, and make sure you include all the information necessary. And, don’t forget to practice. Nothing beats knowing that your pitch is a winner. Confidence in this area is a sure way to those significant sales.

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