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3 Ways to Keep Your Business Above Reproach On Social Media

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We can all likely think of a business or celebrity who has gotten into trouble for posting something thoughtless or inappropriate on a social media channel. In our modern business world where information can spread faster than the speed of light, it doesn’t take much for a business to falter because of their social media presence. Just one bad online encounter can cause irreparable damage to a brand. So to help ensure your business is always living above reproach, here are three ways you can continue to protect your brand on social media.

Understand that Social Media Is Real Communication

Because a lot of the communication that takes place online doesn’t happen face-to-face, many people fail to realize that it really is a form of communication. This frame of mind can make people feel like what they say and how they conduct themselves online shouldn’t really reflect what they’re like in person. And while some people can get away with this way of thinking, businesses cannot. Joanna Belby, a contributor to, reminds us that social media is arguably one of the most direct and conversational ways a company can interact with its customers. With this in mind, you should always keep a professional face on when using your company’s social media channels.

Create A Social Media Posting Policy

To ensure that anyone using your company’s social media channels is aware of what’s expected of them, Emily Copp, a contributor to, recommends creating a social media posting policy that all employees are trained on and compelled to follow. This policy should include guidance on what behaviors and tone is allowed to be posted on social media; what security should be in place on various social platforms; brand guidelines for sharing images, gifs, text, and video; and any applicable laws regarding things like copyright. By taking the time to create a document such as this and sharing it with anyone who has access to your company’s social accounts, you can rest easier about what kind of content will be shared under your business’s name.

Be Aware Of Pornography Problems

One of the biggest problems plaguing social media today is pornography. While almost all social platforms have some kind of problem with pornography, some are doing better at tracking it down than others. To make sure your business doesn’t fall victim to this, Jessica Ullrich, a contributor to, suggests deleting any content posted by your users that has a naughty avatar or has any bad content in itself. This can be hugely detrimental to your brand and severely offend your customer base if pornography is found in direct association with you. So if you notice something suspicious, delete it.

If you want to ensure your company has a strong and respectable social media presence, use the tips mentioned above to better protect your brand online.

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