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3 Tips for Managing Your Reputation Using Social Media

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Social media can be a double-edged sword for businesses and entrepreneurs. You can grow a network of followers and share information about your business, including products and services, for free.

Plus, you can conduct market research using interactive content like surveys as well as share videos.

Most social media platforms used by businesses and for selling have similar features, making using Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and more straightforward. Every business needs a presence on popular platforms.

However, where there are many users and lax joining criteria, there will be trolls keen to spread hate speech, and you may find you or your business their target.

If your brand experiences negative comments that lead to a negative reputation, it can be hard to know how to come back from all that bad press that’s so easily found about you. So to help keep problems in this area from destroying your business, here are three tips for managing your reputation using social media.

Respond To Customer Outreach

If you think that the only reason your business should be using social media is to broadcast when you have news or sales, you’re missing the whole point of using social for business purposes. The best way to use social media to your advantage as a business is to make it a springboard for interacting with your customers or clients. Knowing this, Jayne Kendall, a contributor to Business Wales, writes that you should always respond to customer outreach that comes in through social media. Whether the interaction begins positively or negatively, you have a much better chance of creating a positive relationship with that customer and other customers. They see your exchange by reaching back out to your customers.

Address Negative Comments About Your Company

While you might only like to hear the good things people have to say about your business, you’re bound to get at least a few negative comments here and there. And although you might not want to indulge in this kind of communication, Dan Virgillito, a contributor to, suggests addressing every negative comment that comes through social media regarding your company. If you choose to simply pretend that people aren’t saying negative things about you, you’re not taking the opportunity to set the record straight and rectify anything that might have gone wrong on your end. How you prove yourself in the face of adversity can make a big difference for your customers.

Create Positivity Around Your Brand

Catriona Pollard, a contributor to the Huffington Post, shares that it’s always a good idea to try to create positive conversations around your brand on social media. This can be a great way to counteract any negativity you may have thrown your way and build a relationship with your followers. To construct this positivity, Pollard recommends posting original content and curated content that will start conversations with your customers and lead you to become a resource for good within your industry.

If you’re struggling with overcoming a bad online reputation or you simply want to create a more robust social presence, use the tips mentioned above to help you do just that.