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The Benefits of Cloud-based Video Conferencing

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Cloud-based devices and software platforms have been gaining huge momentum in recent years in all aspects, whether it’s for work or personal use. Hosting your documents or videos on a cloud server is immensely useful, especially if you’re always on the move, enabling you to access what you need outside the office.

It’s no different for the visual communications industry as cloud-based video conferencing has revolutionised the way businesses interact internally and externally.


When you’re in a business environment, it’s important to have devices and software that are flexible for any situation that you may come across. With meetings never having the same parameters day today, you must have a video conferencing device that can be flexible for you and your client’s needs.

With on-premises video conferencing, you may be able to support a specific amount of calls, but what happens when your business grows, and you need to support more? Cloud video services allow you to adapt to your situation, giving you the ability to pay for the exact amount of accounts you need whenever you need it.


With technology constantly on the up and up, you need to ensure that the devices you invest in have longevity. As a business, you need a video conferencing service that won’t be left behind in a few years and can move with technological updates.

With cloud based services, the service provider is the one who’s responsible for updating the software that it uses. Giving you the certainty that you require when running a business, allowing you to stay focused and efficient. Nothing is worse than having to take a day out of business operations to perform updates, turning away client meetings due to the inability to conference with them.


With any device, security is an essential aspect of personal information and for businesses worldwide. A huge advantage to on-premises services is security, allowing you to be confident that your information isn’t vulnerable. But with cloud-based video conferencing, security is at the forefront of the service.

With cloud-based video conferencing provides a neutral meeting ground for you and your clients, giving you both certainty that your information is safe. Neither party of the B2B video call is allowed access to the other parties’ firewall or access to their private network—a huge benefit to businesses that meet with many potential clients daily.


Manageability is near the top of the list when business owners are on the lookout for video conferencing devices with any business. Nobody wants a service that’s a pain to work with, or that’s difficult to use.

With cloud-based video conferencing they come with managed services or management tools that allow you to support huge desktop and mobile user bases. Giving you the tools to make the changes you want, when you want, isn’t restricted by the number of meeting rooms or devices you have.